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Trojan Powder Contributes Innovative Technique to Miami Powerhouse Property

Press release date: March 17, 2014

Creating Sustainable and Modern Treatments for Aluminum Louvers

Miami, FL - Natural. Lush. Tropical. Not a property description traditionally associated with aluminum, but fortunately, Trojan Powder's techniques are anything but traditional. When tasked with bringing a new face to industrial aluminum louvers—for Miami's most expensive residential property—the results were nothing short of spectacular.

While envisioning the design for an exciting, large-scale project, Indian Creek House, architect Rene Gonzalez chose to embrace a design that would reflect the breathtaking nature surrounding the property. Located on a secluded island between Miami and North Miami Beach, house is a relative term, of course, as the property sprawls over 30,000 square feet and features rare, expansive views of the scenic Biscayne Bay, a premium location in South Florida.

Deeply inspired by the location, Indian Creek's architectural design was imagined with nature in mind. In an effort to create clean lines that complement the property's views, Gonzalez created a blueprint that would dynamically capture the sunlight and blue skies, while making a bold design statement in the process.

The backbone of this design heavily involved a series of aluminum louvers, for which Carl Troiano of Trojan Powder was contracted to envision and execute. Inspired to use a more sustainable option for the exterior design of the house, Carl took an innovative approach to treating each aluminum louver used in the faade. Tracing the white-washed stone walls, climbing over the pavilions, floating above walkways and lining the faade, these louvers comprised a large part of Gonzalez's vision and needed an innovative finish that would feel both fresh and at home in this modern aesthetic.

Trojan Powder created an innovative coating and embellishment to be applied to each louver that would echo the finish of a natural wood grain. This would not only effectively highlight the property's lush environment, but would also add a spacious elegance to the design of the house.

"Collaborating on Indian Creek was an exciting opportunity to apply new ideas to aluminum," says Troiano. "Introducing a new finish, while being able to use a recyclable, sustainable material that's environmentally friendly was a rewarding process. We loved the idea of bringing trees into the design without having to cut any down."

During the day, the louvered entryways and trellises filter sunlight to an artful effect, providing a sense of privacy while also playfully reflecting natural light against the white washed walls of the faade.

At night, strategically placed lighting showcases the wood grain-treated louvers to emit the same golden warmth found in natural wood exteriors, creating an impactful-yet-highly sustainable solution for architects and home owners looking to incorporate a natural grain effect in their own properties.

The result is a combination of shapes, textures and light that at once contrast each other while also work together to create a thoroughly modern home, where the boundaries between nature's beauty and man made constructions are artfully blurred.


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