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Training CD Makes Shrinkwrapping Easy

Original Press Release

Training CD Makes Shrinkwrapping Easy

Press release date: October 16, 2006

When it comes to storage, shrinkwrapping can seem an overwhelming task. To provide assistance, Dr. Shrink offers the instructional DS-0015 Training CD video. This professionally produced one-hour guide takes the viewer step-by-step through shrinkwrapping applications. Mike Stenberg, president of Dr. Shrink, introduces basic information on shrinkwrapping accessories used, heating tool safety precautions and the colors of shrinkwrap employed in different climates. As he shrinkwraps a powerboat and forklift, Stenberg discusses each step in detail. Offering helpful tips along the way, he guides the viewer through setting up the support structure, positioning the wrap, heating it and installing vents and an access door. The thorough CD even discusses how to repair small holes in the wrap. Dr. Shrink's DS-0015 Training CD video is available by contacting the company directly. It costs $14.99. Contact Dr. Shrink, 315 Washington St., Manistee, MI 49660. 800-968-5147; Fax: 231-723-9586.;


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