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Thecus® Empowering Professionals at COMPUTEX 2014

Original Press Release

Thecus® Empowering Professionals at COMPUTEX 2014

Press release date: May 13, 2014

Daisy Chain with 80 Drives and New 4-Bay NAS on Show

Milpitas, California – Network storage expert Thecus will be at COMPUTEX 2014 in Taipei, Taiwan, from June 3 to June 7. Thecus invites all interested parties to visit their booth (J0617 in Nangang Exhibition Hall 1F) to get a first-hand look at some of its latest offerings and technology.

Demos of Daisy Chaining and More
Visitors will not want to miss out on Thecus's two live demos - one for enterprise and one for home. Headlining the enterprise demo will be Thecus's new Daisy Chaining technology, which will combine the capacities of 80 drives. This cost-efficient set-up can theoretically, in conjunction with Volume Expansion, provide up to 3.8 petabytes of network storage, roughly the equivalent of 900,000 DVDs.

The home demo, meanwhile, will showcase Thecus's T-OnTheGo app, which enables data transfers to and from mobile devices, as well as new HTPC features for home NAS.

The Latest Enterprise and Home Models
Guests will be able to get a hands-on preview of Thecus's new 4-bay NAS model before it hits markets later this year. In addition to this new model, a diverse range of products will be on display, including enterprise solutions such as the, N12000PRO, N16000PRO, and D16000, as well as home/SOHO NAS like the N2310 and N2560. Something of a rarity in the enterprise cloud market, the 10GbE-powered N7710-G and N8810-G will also be present to tempt visitors into tomorrow's networking world.

Further on exhibit will be Thecus's network video recording (NVR) line and its custom management software, VisoGuard.

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About Thecus®
Thecus Technology Corp. specializes in Network Attached Storage and Network Video Recorder solutions. Established in 2004 with the mission of making technology that is at the same time intuitive and ground-breaking, Thecus offers technology designed to appeal to both advanced and novice users. By combining a world-class storage RD team with a commitment to customer satisfaction, Thecus is able to adapt to the market with its innovative NAS and NVR and fulfill the storage and surveillance needs of today's world.

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