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The Superior Tube Company is Proud to Announce the Release of its First Book Superior - Land, Sea, Air, and Space

Press release date: May 1, 2014

The Superior Tube Company, Inc. Superior was founded in 1934 and from its earliest days has been an important supplier of small diameter, extremely close tolerance metal tubing to industries whose products have changed our world. This richly illustrated book details the range of tubing applications that required Superior’s fine tubing beginning with radio vacuum tubes in the 1930’s. The book was published by Konecky Konecky, LLC of Old Saybrook, CT., publishers of books covering all phases of history, science and art.

As the title implies, technological advancements would lead to a broad array of applications for Superior’s tubing. On Land … from hypodermic needles to nuclear reactors; At Sea … from PT boat antennas to atomic submarines; In the Air … from push rods to pitot tubes; In Space … from thruster propellant lines to life support systems. Readers will also learn about operations in Trappe and Phoenixville, PA where Superior once produced special non-tubular fabrications and many photo-etched products.

Generations of Superior people and their stories are also highlighted along with the early days of Little League and Lassie League baseball in Collegeville. An accompanying DVD provides an entertaining look at activities dating back to the 1930’s … including a 1935 “airplane party” showing airplanes landing on the company grounds. The book includes a timeline of significant events and a list of Superior’s fifty patents. The author of the book, Frank H. Winter, is the retired Curator of Rocketry, National Air and Space Museum. Born in London, England, and educated at the University of Maryland, Winter was on the staff of the Museum from 1970 to 2007 and has written many other books, mainly on the history of rocketry and space flight besides numerous history papers and articles. For the Superior book, he was greatly assisted by John P. Reinhart, Superior’s Manager of Product Development, and his intern, Albert “Louie” Nerino. Winter used research compiled by Reinhart, as well as historical research uncovered in The National Archives, The Library of Congress, The Free Library of Philadelphia, archives of local historical societies, as well as interviews of past and present employees.

“There is an endless and fascinating assortment of miscellaneous applications throughout the whole history of the company,” said Winter. “These have ranged literally from fishing rods and fountain pen “reservoirs” for containing the ink, to tubes for toys, musical instruments, milking machines, and even shotgun barrels.”

“In the past few years, one huge and critically important use of our tubing is in the exciting and dynamic field of life saving medical implants” said Anthony Jost, Superior’s former CEO and President.

Superior – Land, Sea, Air, and Space is being distributed locally by the Towne Book Center & Caf (formerly Trappe Book Center), 220 Plaza Drive, Suite B-3, Collegeville, PA 19426.

About Superior

Superior Tube is a global leader in the manufacture of precision tubing. From aerospace to power stations, and oil and gas extraction to medicine, our products are used in a range of industries, and have improved quality of life for millions of people around the world.

Founded in 1934, Superior Tube has a proven track record in innovation and creativity. Our approach has led to groundbreaking new technologies, and amazing new products. We were pioneers in the manufacture of the precision nickel tubing used in cathode ray tubes, and hypodermic needles. Superior Tube was the first precision tube mill to draw titanium, niobium and tantalum products, and we manufactured the tubing used in the first cardiac stent implants.

Because of the innovative culture within our company, customers around the world turn to Superior Tube for high quality tubes that excel in conditions where failure is not an option. And we continue to set new standards in terms of quality, reliability and performance across the precision tubes industry. From initial design through to material selection, production and certification, we work with our customers to develop tubing for the most demanding applications, whether that’s in space, under the sea or inside the human body.

Based in Collegeville, PA, what’s unique about our tube mill is that we can manufacture both seamless and welded tubes in a wide range of stainless steel, nickel, titanium and zirconium alloys. This gives our customers a whole range of options, and you can choose between straight lengths or coils. When a new engineering solution requires a specialty precision tubing product, our team will do everything within their power to meet and surpass your expectations. Superior Tube brings together the best people and the latest technologies to take on the toughest challenges.

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