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Temperature and Humidity Sensor Compatibility with T&D Products

Press release date: February 13, 2014

Check Sensor Compatibility with a Simple Table

CHESTERLAND OH – To support the release of T&D’s new TR-7wf Wireless LAN series data loggers, CAS DataLoggers has a quick way for users to check the compatibility of TandD’s temperature and humidity sensors and extension cables—just use our updated Temperature and Humidity Sensor Table below. CAS DataLoggers offers these sophisticated products to monitor temperature and humidity in logistics and shipping, cold chain storage for food and beverages, agriculture, and industrial manufacturing and processing applications.

TandD Temperature & Humidity Sensor Table
Sensor Ships With Can Also Use With Temperature Range RH Range Cable Length Extension Cable (qty)
TR-3100 TR-72Ui, TR-73Ui 0 ~ 55C 10 ~ 95% 0 TR-5C10 (x1)
TR-3110 TR-72W TR-72Ui, TR-73Ui 0 ~ 55C 10 ~ 95% 1m -
TR-3310 RTR-53, RTR-503 0 ~ 55C 10 ~ 95% 1m -
THA-3001 TR-76Ui, RTR-576 TR-74Ui, RTR-574 0 ~ 55C 10 ~ 95% 0 TR-1C30 (x3)
THA-3151 TR-74Ui, RTR-574 TR-702NW/AW TR-72wf TR-76Ui 0 ~ 55C 10 ~ 95% 1.5m TR-1C30 (x3)
HHA-3151 TR-77Ui, TR-74Ui-H TR-76Ui-H, RTR-576-H RTR-574-H TR-702NW/AW-H TR-72wf-H TR-74Ui, TR-76Ui RTR-576 RTR-574 RTR-702NW/AW -30 ~ 80C 0 ~ 99% 1.5m TR-1C30 (x3)
HHB-3101 RTR-507 -30 ~ 80C 0 ~ 99% 1.0m TR-3C30 (x1)

Notes: Differences between TR-3100 and R-3110:
•Cable length
•TR-3100 can use one 1-meter-long extension cable (TR-5C10) (TR-3110 cannot use it)

Difference between THA-3001 and THA-3151:
•Cable length

Differences between TR-3100 and THA-3001:
•TR-3100 can use one 1-meter-long extension cable (TR-5C10)
•THA-3001 can use a 3-meter-long extension cable (TR-1C30) up to three

Difference between TR-3110 and THA-3151:
• THA-3151 can use a 3-meter-long extension cable (TR-1C30) up to three (TR-3110 cannot use any extension cable)

Our Wireless LAN Series dataloggers upload data directly to the manufacturer’s WSS and feature an Access Point mode so that users can view their data directly from a smartphone or other mobile device. It’s never been this easy to view and send your data!

These new WiFi dataloggers have 2 data transfer capabilities:
I) Automatic Data Upload to T&D’s free WebStorage Service, enabling users to receive email alerts whenever values go into alarm condition. This feature alone can save thousands of dollars of product or avoid disastrous process delays.

II) Download Recorded Data DIRECTLY TO YOUR SMARTPHONE & TABLET through the unit’s built-in Access Point Mode using TandD’s native iOS and Android Apps.

These features are Free of Charge to the end user with no monthly fees of any kind. When set to upload once per day these dataloggers can provide up to 2 years of operation on a set of 2 standard AA alkaline cells. Customers who can still choose to use the USB interface to download their data the old fashioned way.

Remote data viewing and retrieval, competitive pricing and TandD’s unparalleled reliability make these latest wireless dataloggers very attractive for users in cold chain storage, medical facilities, environmental measurement, and many other industries.

For more information on our new T&D WiFi dataloggers measuring temperature and humidity, more data loggers from T&D measuring additional values, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at Contact Information: CAS DataLoggers, Inc. 12628 Chillicothe Road Chesterland, Ohio 44026 (440) 729-2570 (800) 956-4437


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