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Tablet Hardness Tester TH3

Press release date: August 13, 2014

The TH3 is a portable semi-automatic electronic hardness tester with LCD display designed to accept tablets up to 30 mm in diameter - ideal for the tablet production area as a quick check as to compression force settings. The testing of a tablet’s hardness (or breaking force) plays a vital role in both product development and subsequent quality control.

Testing Procedure:

The tablet is placed on the test platform between the test jaw and the load cell plunger. A multi-turn low-friction hand-wheel similar to the type used on machine tools is used to apply load to the tablet until it fractures. The resulting breaking force is displayed on the LCD display in either newtons, grams, pounds or ounces.


Portable and Easy-to-Use Operation
Easily Transmit Display Readings to PC or Printer
LCD Display Accepts Tablets Up to 30mm in Diameter
Provided with RS232, Mitutoyo and Analogue Data Output Facilities
Performs an Automatic Self-Test (Zero Calibration Routine) on Switch-On


Unit Measures 450 x 70 x 80 mm
Weighs Approx. 2 kg

If you would like more information please call: 1-800-762-2478


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