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Super Corr A Helps Keep the P-3 Flying

Press release date: March 24, 2014

Palmetto, FL, The anti-corrosion and lubricant from Florida based Lektro-tech is riding along in the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines passenger jet.

Three P-3 Orion's that the US Navy uses as anti-submarine and maritime surveillance aircraft now searching southwest of Perth for debris use a product in their aircraft wings called Super Corr B.
The navy discovered Super Corr B after an exhaustive analysis in accordance with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard B117- Standard Practice for Operating Salt Spray Apparatus. Super Corr B, a Type I, Grade B Corrosion Preventative lubricant out-performed 11 other participants in testing for a better product for protecting and lubricating the flap tracks and screw jacks on the aircraft.

The flap tracks that are located in the aircrafts wings are what the flaps ride on when they move up or down to lower or increase speed. The screw jacks are threaded rods used to engage and retract the wing flaps.

Re-lubrication and corrosion treatment of the flap tracks and screw jacks is required due to constant post-flight rinses and monthly aircraft washings. Super Corr B, which per the Department of Defense's request is now also identified as Super Corr A, was also evaluated under the Federal Test Method Standard #791B, five percent Salt Spray Corrosion Test. Super Corr far exceeded the other products evaluated. After 232 documented hours of continuous exposure to salt corrosion, Super Corr A/B's corrosion protection actually increased over time where other similar products failed early or actually contributed to an increase in corrosion.

Lektrotech is a manufacturer and distributor of anti-corrosion, lubricants and coatings used on wiring, connectors, circuitry, avionics, nano-circuitry and mechanical part applications for civilian and military applications.

For more information on Super Corr A/B call 813-831-4006 or visit the website at


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