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Stimulsoft Reports.Net - Towards New Potential

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Stimulsoft Reports.Net - Towards New Potential

Press release date: March 10, 2008

03/10/08 New version of Stimulsoft Reports.Net has a diversity of changes which guarantees essential advantages in comparison with previous versions. So the version 2008.1 is packed with the PDF417 2D bar-code, 4 types of charts. In addition to previously realized exports of reports, such as PDF, XPS, XML, HTML, Excel, RTF, TXT, CSV, EMF, BMP, etc, developers of Stimulsoft have added an opportunity to export to OpenDocument Writer and OpenDocument Calc formats. Starting with Stimulsoft Reports.Net 2008.1, the Query Builder, added in the version 2007.3, now works with DB2, MySql, Oracle, and VistaDB. For increasing productivity in report creation, some new properties were added. Also some errors of previous versions were corrected. All these changes make the product more and more professional and flexible. It allows developers to create reports of any complexity and the only obstacle for a user is his imagination. You can find the description of other essential changes of the version at the official site of Stimulsoft Report Generator Overview Stimulsoft Reports.Net provides developers with a fast and highly productive way to generate reports that scale to meet user demands. The product has a report designer and a complete set of layout and design controls to create presentation-quality reports. The designer can be used both in design time and in runtime. If it's used in runtime, no royalties are required. The designer lets developers spend less time on coding, and more time on software development. Reports can be generated from various data sources and can be used in Windows Forms and in ASP.NET. Please, explore to learn more about the product. Company Name: Stimulsoft
Phone: +375-(29)-8103333
URL: Contact Name: Vital Kubekin
Organization: Stimulsoft


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