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STABURAGS Product Line from Klber Offers Diverse Benefits

Press release date: December 5, 2006

Lubricants provide good corrosion and wear protection for an array of applications Londonderry, NH - (December 5, 2006) - Klϋber Lubrication, a worldwide manufacturer of specialty lubricants, is proud to offer the STABURAGS family of greases. These rolling bearing lubricants offer good corrosion and reliable wear protection, in addition to individual benefits over a range of applications. STABURAGS NBU 8 EP is a long-term, high-pressure lubricating grease, based on mineral oil and barium complex soap. It has successfully been used for years on bearings subject to high specific loads and for protection against excessive bearing wear. STABURAGS NBU 8 EP is resistant to ambient media and water, and its barium complex thickener enhances wear reduction. This grease is used in traction motors, journal bearings, electric motors, pumps and tapered roller bearings. The NBU 12/300 KP is a long-term grease for rolling and plain bearings that is based on mineral oil and a barium complex soap thickener. In addition to being resistant to water, it offers pressure absorption. This grease is used for the long-term and lifetime lubrication of drafting equipment in spinning machines (upper and lower rollers), tension and eccentric rollers, cardan shafts and rolling bearings in fans and ventilation systems. STABURAGS NBU 4 and NBU 12 are lubricating greases that provide good load carrying capacity and sealing effect, in addition to being resistant to water, ambient media and many diluted alkaline and acid solutions. Based on mineral oil and barium complex soap, these greases are also resistant to very high specific surface pressure. NBU 4 has been used successfully on high-speed rolling bearings exposed to humidity or ambient media. This grease is suitable for rolls, spindles, cam rollers, tensioning rollers and motors. NBU 12 is efficient on medium-speed rolling bearings subject to humidity or ambient media. It performs well in water pumps, wheel bearings and motors. In the textile industry, NBU 12 is used on all wet processing equipment, such as washing, mercerising and dyeing machines. NBU 30 is designed especially for use as a sealing grease for valves and fittings and for lubricating low-speed rolling and plain bearings subject to humidity, water vapor and aggressive media. It performs best in wet-processing textile machines and conveyors in wet areas. Based on mineral oil and a barium complex soap, the grease has a high resistance to mechano-dynamical loads. It is also resistant to water, and diluted alkaline and acid solutions. STABURAGS N 12 MF is a long-term mineral oil grease for plain and rolling bearings operating at high temperatures and medium speeds. This grease works best for lubricating bearings in equipment such as fans, spline shafts, exhausters and hot air blowers. It is especially suitable for the long-term lubrication of electric motors and enclosed rolling bearings that are not re-lubricated. STABURAGS N 12 MF has good emergency running properties due to its solid lubricants. For more information about the STABURAGS product line or Klber, visit the company's Web site at Klber Lubrication, a worldwide manufacturer of specialty lubricants, has long been on the cutting edge of lubricant technology. For more than 75 years, we have been committed to providing tribological solutions for our customers, by manufacturing and supplying specialty lubricants for extreme applications. Our lubricants succeed where conventional lubricants fail. Our philosophy of product innovation demands that we work cooperatively with our customers and has earned us the reputation of reliable partner and solution provider. With representation around the globe, and a product portfolio of more than 2,000 standard lubricants, Klber's products and services are available wherever and whenever they are needed. Lubrication is our World!


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