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SME launches laser cutting certificate program.

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September 21, 2007 - Scheduled for Nov 12-14 during FABTECH Int'l and AWS Welding Show at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL, laser cutting certificate program builds on fundamental knowledge of CNC operations and part design for CO2 laser cutting. This information will be applied in interactive and hands-on demonstration. Safety and ISO standards will be included and each attendee will learn how to work in compliance with parameters of CNC laser cutting machines.

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SME Launches Laser Cutting Certificate Program

Press release date: September 10, 2007

First-of-its-Kind Program Will Take Place at the FABTECH Int'l & AWS Welding Show DEARBORN, Mich., September 10, 2007 - The Society of Manufacturing Engineers' (SME) Industrial Laser Community (ILC) has developed a laser cutting certificate program that builds on fundamental knowledge of CNC operations and part design for CO2 laser cutting. This information will be applied in a uniquely designed interactive and hands-on demonstration optimizing the operation of a CNC laser cutting machine. Safety and ISO standards will be included in this program and each attendee will learn how to work in compliance with the parameters of CNC laser cutting machines and demonstrate proficiency. Co-sponsored by SME and the Fabricators and Manufacturers Association (FMA) and endorsed by the Laser Institute of America (LIA) and National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS), the first program will take place November 12-14 during the FABTECH Int'l & AWS Welding Show at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL. The certificate program, endorsed by Industrial Laser Solutions and major OEM leaders such as Amada, Bystronic, Mazak Optonics Corp., Mitsubishi Laser, TRUMPF, Harris Specialty Gas, Linde, and the American Iron & Steel Institute, was developed to address the industry need for skilled labor technicians. A recent SME survey found that companies are in high demand of a workforce with practical laser experience which doesn't currently exist. The program addresses this need and provides documentation of knowledge gained through pre- and post-program assessments. "The LASER Cutting Certificate Program is the result of OEMS, end users, societies, and educational institutes coming together with the focus of promoting laser technology in North America," says Tony Arquisch, chairman of the SME ILC. "This program is the first step in assuring that North America will have a qualified workforce trained in modern manufacturing processes such as lasers in the future." Neil Ball, chairman of the SME ILC Laser Cutting Certificate Program Committee agrees. "The major challenge our community faces is that laser technology it is an under utilized asset in the manufacturing engineers tool box. This is due in large part to the lack of laser technology education and the need for qualified technicians to operate the equipment. This year's launch of the Laser Cutting Certificate program at FABTECH should be considered a turning point and coming out for this most valuable manufacturing technology." Members of the SME ILC Laser Cutting Certificate Program Committee are Neil Ball (Directed Light, Inc.), Iain Ferguson (Laseramp), Peter Busuttil (ComauPico), Tony Arquish (LASAG Industrial Lasers), Dianne Devereaux-Michael (Ophir Optics, Inc.), and Rich Greene (Laser Institute of America). For additional information and registration, click here. About SME: The Society of Manufacturing Engineers is the world's leading professional society supporting manufacturing education. Through its member programs, publications, expositions and professional development resources, SME promotes an increased awareness of manufacturing engineering and helps keep manufacturing professionals up to date on leading trends and technologies. Headquartered in Michigan, SME influences more than half a million manufacturing practitioners and executives annually. The Society, which celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2007, has members in more than 70 countries and is supported by a network of hundreds of technical communities and chapters worldwide. About SME Industrial Laser Community: The Industrial Laser Community's mission is to establish a means to promote laser technology in North America with high intensity by educating the market and advancing the laser technology base. The ILC provides its members with expanded knowledge and awareness of laser manufacturing, technologies, products and processes, the opportunity to demonstrate leadership in the laser industry and increase visibility by launching a laser community technical group matching member's expertise, marketing opportunities and resources to promote laser-related technologies, focused education and technical information on new laser technologies in manufacturing, and exposure and networking opportunities through conferences, trade shows, show floor promotions, laser-related conference tracks and presentations. For more information on the ILC visit If you have any questions or comments, please contact SME Public Relations by phone (313) 271-1500, e-mail, or Fax: (313) 425-3403


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