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Singapore Air Show 2014: Commtact Presents AMLS Advanced Mini Link System for Manned and Unmanned Platforms

Press release date: February 10, 2014

An order for 800 units of the lightweight 300 g, long-range system has already been received

Commtact ltd.– a leader in advanced data link and communication solutions for defense, HLS, Law Enforcement, Public Safety, Commercial and Civilian applications including Electronic News Gathering - presents its AMLS Advanced Mini Link System for Manned and Unmanned Platforms for the first time to the Asian market at the Singapore Air Show 2014, Changi Exhibition Centre, February 11-16, Israel Pavilion Stand P29. Commtact has already received an order for 800 units of this lightweight, 300g system, for long ranges. The company will also showcase its UVR radio and Micro-Tracker as a complimentary sub-system of the AMLS.

The Advanced Mini Link System (AMLS) is a digital data link system for manned and unmanned platforms with a unique design suitable for mini and small UAS. Weighing only 300 gr - and suitable for long ranges - this state-of-the-art system uses open architecture and enables full duplex wideband, digital link, error correction techniques, and high-rate secure communication in the Uplink (UPL) and Downlink (DNL) channels. The reliable, high performance, low power consumption AMLS can downlink real-time video images via embedded H264 compression, LAN, serial data and information from most sensors operating today. The system’s full duplex wideband provides one Uplink for the command to UAV and one Downlink that transmits sensor information and related data from the UAV to ground control.

The UHF/VHF Radio (UVR) is an advanced analog/digital data link system, specifically designed for manned and unmanned platforms - with open architecture that enables the handling of both audio and data/Ethernet transmissions. The solution consists of a multi-band, multi-mode transceiver, providing aircraft with clear, secure voice and data communications facilities over an extended frequency range. The UVR family provides a wide range of functional options to meet diversified operational requirements including ATC UHF radio.

The Micro-Tracker
The Micro-Tracker L.O.S. is complementary sub system of the AMLS. It can be used as airborne directional antenna or as a ground solution for "on-the-move" applications. It is a lightweight, portable, mobile solution, designed for compact installation and fully autonomous operation, for transmission and receipt of high bandwidth data. The system utilizes innovative high performance panel antennas - with full electronic control of elevation and azimuth - to allow automatic operation for position and tracking.

According to Sharon Shlomo, V.P Marketing of Commtact, "We are pleased to introduce AMLS to the Singapore market for the first time. We are proud of the development of a system that, on the one hand, is lightweight and therefore does not add a heavy load to the platform - and on the other hand, provides all the required data communications. The delivery of the third generation with new high rate waveform will be made soon, with additional customers from around the world expressing interest in the solution. We are happy to be exhibiting here and look forward to deepening our activities and our cooperation with Singapore."

About Commtact
Commtact Ltd. provides advanced wireless communication solutions for military and civilian applications, and specializes in the design and manufacture of wide-band data links that support most platform and sensor requirements. Commtact products operate in manned and unmanned Aircraft, Helicopters, Marine Vessels, and other short, medium, and long-range portable and mobile applications. For over two decades, Commtact has been developing and manufacturing advanced and reliable high technology products and systems, displaying the capability for quick response, and long-term stability with excellent customer and product support. The Commtact philosophy emphasizes the use of the latest proven technologies and components to avoid obsolescence during the product’s life cycle, while concentrating on miniaturization of systems. The company's goal is to achieve full customer satisfaction by adapting products to customer requirements, rather than have the customer change them in order to use a specific product.

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Sharon Shlomo
VP Marketing
Tel: +972-8-9433602


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