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SIGMA Featured on Food Network Television Show Invention Hunters

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SIGMA Featured on Food Network Television Show Invention Hunters

Press release date: July 20, 2012

SIGMA featured on Food Network television show Invention Hunters In May, Sigma Design Company was featured on the Food Network show Invention Hunters. The show follows Patrick Raymond and Steve Greenberg who visit inventors across the nation hoping to find the next "million dollar idea." Once convinced, Raymond and Greenberg bring the inventors to New York City to pitch their ideas to Lifetime Brands, Inc., one of the largest housewares manufacturers in the world. Sigma Design Company, in collaboration with Gordon Perry Design, were recruited in March to design and create an improved working prototype for the "Pure Sure," a valve for carton beverages, which allows children to pour a drink themselves without making a mess. With only two weeks to complete the task, Sigma Senior Design Engineer Bob Messinger turned up the heat to 'plate up a winner.' A visit to Sigma Design Company's new innovation center in Middlesex, NJ was all it took to convince the scouts that the new and improved product was ready for round one. Sigma Design co-owners Jerry Lynch and Debbie Lynch, who heads a Culinary Arts Program at Middlesex County College, were excited to be a part of this show. A food-related invention was a perfect match for the team at Sigma Design Company, which can work with inventors from concept to market. Contact us today and find out how Sigma Design Company can make your product a reality.


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