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Schleuniger Provides Automation and Quality for Drxlmaier Group

Press release date: April 29, 2014

The DrxlmaierGroup, founded in 1958 and headquartered in Germany, supplies renowned vehicle manufacturers with modern automotive electrical systems as well as exclusive interiors integrated with electrical and electronic components. Prior to working with Schleuniger, Drxlmaier's method for processing battery wire consisted of two stages: automatic cable cutting and stripping and manual crimping. To increase productivity, the company needed a solution that would allow them to perform both processes in one automated step. But, being a supplier to some of the most well-known and high-end brands in the automotive industry, Drxlmaier knew they could not sacrifice quality for productivity. To improve the production process according to Drxlmaier standards, they took advantage of Schleuniger's extensive experience in wire processing and worked with them to create a customized solution.

After extensive research and testing, Drxlmaier chose the Schleuniger CrimpCenter 67HD16. With processing stations for automatic cutting, stripping and crimping combined with Schleuniger's ACO 05 crimp force monitor, whichelectronically monitors each crimp and compares the measured value to a known good reference crimp, Drxlmaier automated their entire process while guaranteeing quality. Furthermore, Schleuniger customized the machine to specifically fit Drxlmaier's need to process wires up to 25 mm2.

UlisesBentez, Equipment Planning Manager,Drxlmaie rComponents Automotive De Mxico, says since they have implemented Schleuniger equipment, they have seen "significantly reduced process time, material handling and investments for semi-automatic crimping as well as increased valuable space on the production floor."

The CrimpCenter 67HD16 is now a standard piece of equipment for any of Drxlmaier's over 50 facilities world-wide that need to process this application.

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