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Revolutionary Thermally Conductive Adhesive from Henkel Selected for APEX's Innovative Technology Showcase

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Revolutionary Thermally Conductive Adhesive from Henkel Selected for APEX's Innovative Technology Showcase

Press release date: March 6, 2006

Long recognized as an industry leader in materials development and formulation, the electronics group of Henkel was again awarded with top honors for yet another innovative material solution. At the recent APEX show in Anaheim, California, Henkel's Loctite® 3876 was chosen to be part of show organizer IPC's (Association Connecting Electronics Industries) Innovative Technology Showcase. As defined by the host of the contest, those products that are selected represent a real, relevant value to the electronics manufacturing supply chain and deliver a new idea or practice that achieves novel functional capability. Based on proven proprietary Bead-on-Bead cure technology, Loctite 3876 is a new no-mix, no measure two-part thermally conductive adhesive. A revolutionary concept in the bonding of heat-dissipating electronic devices to heat sinks or spreaders, Loctite 3876 offers superior bond strength within seconds of assembly. The low viscosity of the material removes the need for meter-mix dispense systems and gives manufacturers an extremely wide process window. Whereas traditional methods of bonding heat dissipating components and electrical devices required pre-mixing or solvent activated systems, Loctite Bead-on-Bead technology enables manufacturers to apply each part independently to the component so that mixing occurs only when the two items to be bonded are joined together. With a high thermal conductivity of 1.75W/m°C, Loctite 3876 offers a 40% improvement in cooling performance over previous products. Fast fix and cure rates allow for increased throughput, while extensive testing has confirmed the product's high environmental resistance and suitability for a range of manufacturing conditions. "We are honored that IPC has chosen Loctite 3876 for this year's Innovative Technology Showcase," says Doug Dixon of the electronics group of Henkel. "Bead-on-Bead technology represents a major advancement in adhesives development and provides Henkel customers with superior, advanced thermal management products as they transition to smaller, more functional devices with increasing heat generation. Henkel is delighted that IPC has recognized these achievements with its selection of this product for this highly-coveted honor." As the judges of the Innovative Technology Showcase attest, this material, like all Henkel materials, is designed to deliver a real and innovative value to the electronics manufacturing supply chain. Loctite 3876 and the related Bead-on-Bead cure technology continue this philosophy by offering significantly reduced manufacturing costs and increased resource utilization through the elimination of primer use and pot-life issues associated with pre-mixing. For more information on Loctite 3876, log onto or contact the company via e-mail at About the electronics group of Henkel Henkel is one of the world's leading and most progressive providers of qualified, compatible material sets for semiconductor packaging, board level assembly and advanced soldering solutions. Through its Hysol, Loctite and Multicore brands, and its global customer support infrastructure, the electronics group of Henkel delivers world-class materials products, process expertise and total solutions across the board to enable tomorrow's electronic industry. The Henkel Group, a Fortune Global 500 company, operates in three strategic business areas: Home Care; Personal care; and Adhesives, Sealants and Surface Treatments, which serves the transportation, electronics, aerospace, metal, durable goods, consumer goods, maintenance and repair and packaging industries, and offers a broad range of products for the craftsman and consumer. With brands and technologies, Henkel makes people's lives easier, better, and more beautiful. 50,000 employees work for the Henkel Group worldwide. People in 125 countries around the world trust in brands and technologies from Henkel - "A Brand like a Friend". Contact Henkel Corporation Doug Dixon Phone: 949-789-2500 Fax: 949-785-2595


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