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Remote Flood Monitoring System Sends Data via GPRS

Press release date: April 18, 2014

Frog Data Loggers for Water Level Monitoring

CHESTERLAND OH– Recently CAS DataLoggers was contracted by a major Northeastern city's council to supply and install water level monitoring and flood warning systems at 8 key river sites across the city and at a reservoir. All these monitoring sites were at distant locations where flooding has been a recurring problem over the last several years. The project's objective was to deliver vital and timely alarm messages of rising water levels to warn users of potential flooding and allow time to enact preventative measures. The group's technician wanted a rugged device that fit into their budget but also decided they needed remote monitoring capability, which they had trouble finding on the market.

CAS DataLoggers supplied the team with 9 Frog RX GSM GPRS Data Loggers, one for each remote site. The Frogs are rugged field telemetry devices designed for rapid deployment at a low cost. The group's technician was quickly able to install the Frogs inside 100mm tubes and fit them inside ground-level meter boxes without having to use a secondary enclosure. The Frog RX is an amazingly low-cost outstation for generating flood alarms for heavy rainfall, river/urban flooding, borehole level or water quality/pollution alerts. Sealed to IP68 to withstand temporary submersion, the FROG RX is ideal as a remote outstation.

Using its single-input connection for up to 8-channel logging, the Frog can connect with many types of hydrometric sensors including tipping-bucket rain gauges, mini-weather stations and depth level pressure sensors. The new system periodically records river level at each point at regular intervals (here every 15 minutes), and all the data is captured via GPRS using Isodaq's telemetry server which is accessed via the internet from any PC, enabling managers to have access to the latest data whether at home or in the office.

Equipped with an Internal GSM/GPRS modem, these remote telemetry solutions operate either as a standalone battery-powered 8-channel data logger or as a telemetry logger. This rugged, low-cost IP68 device is designed to fit inside a 100mm (4-inch) tube. The Frogs' alarm functionality gives flood warning up to 4 set-points per channel, including a hysteresis function and storm rainfall intensity alarm capability.

Ultra-low battery power options extend Frog battery life (min. 5 years) making them the ideal choice for this high-priority project and in remote hazloc environments. Each logger's battery options include an internally-fitted Alkaline or Lithium battery pack (both field-replaceable) plus a link to an external rechargeable 12V lead-acid battery. Secure data storage in flash memory eliminates data loss.

Using the manufacturer's data hosting website has enabled a low-cost GPRS SIM option for automatic data collection. Now a pair of culvert screens are continually monitored for blockage and users receive text message alerts whenever trigger levels are exceeded. The biggest problem site under monitoring also has a camera installed to provide visual confirmation of the extent of the blockage.

Harvest for Windows is the software package used with the Isodaq family of loggers. Harvest is available in versions for both Windows (98, 2000, XP, Vista or 7) and Windows Mobile (3, 5 or 6). This intuitive software allows users to set up the data loggers, configure their recording rates & alarms, and graph data for all channels. Operators can also activate a control output on alarm, configure & test telemetry modems, export data to CSV or XML format files and more.

The Frog data loggers are effective hazloc flood warning systems providing the standby team with live water level measurement information and allows them to target their resources which has improved efficiency, reduced flood risk and provided a reduction in their operational costs. Additionally, the Frog loggers automatically deliver their data directly to users' desktops with automatic daily capture, reducing the frequency and costs of site visits. The technician could quickly put them in place and then leave to let them log and automatically send their readings online—no travel necessary.

Isodaq real time telemetry & data logging systems include GPRS data loggers for connection with flow meters, rain gauges and weather stations. These data loggers are standalone solutions enabling organizations and businesses to perform water and environmental monitoring and gain online access to precision measurements at remote sites, even under hostile conditions. These standalone, highly reliable online monitoring and early warning systems are designed for a wide range of environmental monitoring applications in the water and protection and regulatory industries.

For more information on our Isodaq data loggers for weather measurement, water quality applications and more, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at

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