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RegenOx(TM) Remediation Technology Wins Coveted 2006 ICU Innovation Award for Regenesis

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RegenOx(TM) Remediation Technology Wins Coveted 2006 ICU Innovation Award for Regenesis

Press release date: June 14, 2006

SAN CLEMENTE, CALIFORNIA, June 14, 2006 - Regenesis, a specialty developer and manufacturer of advanced technologies for groundwater resources, has won the 2006 ICU Innovation Award for RegenOx(TM), a breakthrough in-situ chemical oxidation technology that safely destroys high concentrations of recalcitrant soil and groundwater contaminants such as industrial degreasers and petroleum hydrocarbons. The prestigious ICU Innovation Awards are presented annually at International Clean Up (ICU) in Birmingham, England, the U.K.'s premiere contaminated land solutions conference and exhibition. Regenesis won the 2004 ICU Innovation Award for Metals Remediation Compound (MRC(TM)), a "one-hit" in-situ treatment for hexavalent chromium (Cr VI) and chlorinated solvents in saturated soils. RegenOx(TM), one of the most recent developments from Regenesis, is an advanced chemical oxidation technology used for the rapid, complete and cost-effective destruction of subsurface contamination. This technology is delivered in two parts, which are combined and then injected into the subsurface using common and readily available drilling or direct-push equipment. RegenOx(TM) produces a series of highly charged oxidation reactions, which quickly destroy contaminants such as petroleum hydrocarbons, gasoline oxygenates, polyaromatic hydrocarbons, and chlorinated hydrocarbons in the saturated and vadose soil zones. "Sites contaminated with these chemicals are notoriously difficult and costly to clean up, because they tend to penetrate deep into soil and bedrock and release a long-lasting plume of contamination into soil and groundwater," says Bob Kelley, Ph.D., Regenesis' Vice President of Technology Development. "A single injection of RegenOx remains active for as long as a month, removing significant amounts of target contaminants from the subsurface and making it an extremely cost-effective and efficient technology for source remediation." The remedial action of RegenOx(TM) is comparable to that of Fenton's Reagent, but without the potentially dangerous heat and pressure associated with Fenton's. Strategies employing multiple RegenOx injections coupled with follow-on accelerated bioremediation can be deployed cost-effectively and used to treat highly contaminated sites to regulatory closure. RegenOx(TM) was designed specifically to allow for a seamless transition to low-cost, accelerated bioremediation using Regenesis' controlled-release compounds. San Clemente, CA-based Regenesis has been advancing the state of the art in the environmental industry since 1994 with new and innovative technologies that drastically reduce the cost, time and difficulty of restoring contaminated soil and groundwater. Regenesis's Oxygen Release Compound (ORC®) and Hydrogen Release Compound (HRC®) have been used successfully at more than 12,000 sites worldwide. These and other products, including HRC-X(TM), for long-term treatment of residual source areas and NAPLs; MRC®, for in-situ removal of dissolved metals (hexavalent chromium) in groundwater; and Bio-Dechlor INOCULUM(TM), a bioaugmentation culture, have made Regenesis the world leader in advanced, in-situ technologies for protecting groundwater resources. For further information visit Regenesis online ( or contact Marketing Director Bryan W. Vigue (949-366-8000, x122; Detailed information about RegenOx(TM) is available online at Regenesis 1011 Calle Sombra San Clemente, CA 92673 Salwen Business Communications 114 West 86th Street New York City 212-873-1944 tel 212-873-0028 fax 917-620-5371 cell


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