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Recondo Technology Partners with Ensocare on Post-Acute Transition Software Solution

Recondo Technology - Greenwood Village, CO

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Recondo Technology Partners with Ensocare on Post-Acute Transition Software Solution

Press release date: April 1, 2014

-- Technology backbone and combined service center automate the patient discharge process from hospital to post-acute care

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. -- Recondo Technology today released its Post-Acute Transition(TM) software solution as part of a development and service relationship with Ensocare. Post-Acute Transition automates a fragmented and complex discharge process with web-based software and services that seamlessly facilitate a patient's transition from the hospital to post-acute care in the most efficient, cost-effective manner possible.Post-Acute Transition is the initial offering in the Recondo CareConnector(TM) suite of products.

The Recondo Post-Acute Transition solution helps hospitals streamline and shorten the discharge process and move patients into post-acute facilities quickly and efficiently. Hospitals often experience delays in the discharge process due to manual and time-consuming processes, taking hours or even days to find an appropriate post-acute placement for a patient. The lengthy discharge process creates delays in a patient's discharge, often increasing length of stay (LOS) beyond what is medically necessary. This increases operating costs, reducing margins for cases reimbursed on a diagnosis-related group (DRG) basis.

"As health systems begin to assume risk and enter into fee-for-value care models, efficiently transitioning patients to post-acute settings of care becomes increasingly important," said Lori Prestesater, Recondo Chief Growth Officer. "Instead of taking days to place complex patients in post-acute facilities, with Post-Acute Transition, the process takes less than 30 minutes. The economical combination of technology and service helps hospitals achieve real bottom-line savings. For example, with an automated discharge process helping transition patients, OSF Saint Francis experienced an 8:1 Return on Investment within six months -- a savings of $1.2 million per year because of reduced LOS."

"Finding the right post-acute placement for a patient is increasingly complex, based upon various clinical and financial needs,"Wayne Sensor, Ensocare CEO said. "Our technology backbone helps people do the right things: getting the right patient placed at the right time with the right clinical information so hospitals can focus their time and scarce resources where they can make a real difference in patient care. When Post-Acute Transition is activated, the hospital immediately has access to an industry-leading, no-cost network of more than 100,000 post-acute care providers backed by a 24/7-customer support center. The breadth of the network combined with a superior service model helps drive post-acute care provider engagement, with a participation rate of 85 percent to 90 percent."

About Ensocare
Ensocare is a world-class provider of care coordination technology solutions and proactive 24/7 support to help healthcare organizations manage care transitions more efficiently. We excel in engaging and educating patients through our industry-leading network of nearly 100,000 post-acute providers, which helps hospitals reduce readmissions and length of stay while significantly improving the patient's quality of care. Ensocare is part of CQuence Health Group, a growing portfolio of healthcare companies focused on decreasing costs, increasing efficiency and strengthening patient care.

About Recondo Technology
Recondo solutions achieve financial clarity for all participants within the healthcare revenue cycle. The result is a closer relationship with payers, a better healthcare experience for patients, and a confident and motivated staff that sees their value manifested in superior healthcare service. Recondo combines sophisticated rules architectures, legacy integration, and data mining to provide true interoperability for more than 850 US hospitals and more than 500 payers. This new world of healthcare is Empowered by Recondo.

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