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Psychz Networks Selects NSFOCUS to Protect New Dallas Data Center Against DDoS Attacks

Press release date: June 17, 2014

Hosting Provider Relies on NSFOCUS Anti-DDoS Solution to Protect its Brand and its Customers

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - (HostingCon 2014, Miami Beach Convention Center, Booth #513) - NSFOCUS, Inc., a global provider of distributed denial of service (DDoS) mitigation solutions and services, today announced that Psychz Networks, a web hosting provider, is expanding its work with NSFOCUS to protect customers from DDoS attacks.


-- DDoS attacks on the rise - DDoS represents a direct threat to carriers,
service providers, data centers and enterprises. According to the
NSFOCUS DDoS Threat Report 2013, attacks are rising in frequency and
complexity, forcing hosting providers to implement stronger security
measures to mitigate against the continuous onslaught.
-- Protecting customer data and brand reputation - DDoS mitigation protects
customer assets and service provider brand reputation. Implementing the
NSFOCUS Anti-DDoS system (ADS), Network Traffic Analyzer (NTA) and ADS-M
management platform allows Psychz Networks to focus on what it does
best, manage websites for its customers.
-- Certified intelligent hardware appliance defends against attacks in real
time - ADS is a hardware appliance that intelligently detects and
mitigates potential DDoS attacks in real-time and provides user-friendly
reporting and management. The NSFOCUS Anti- DDoS solution enables
service providers to deliver an additional hundreds of Gbps of DDoS
mitigation capacity to defend against volumetric DDoS attacks. NSFOCUS
security solutions are industry compliant, certified by Veracode.
-- Protects against Layer 7 attacks, with no latency - To supplement the
inadequacy of the traditional firewall/IPS, ADS protects important
information systems against Layer 7 attacks by not only detecting
current complicated DDoS attacks, but also mitigating the attack traffic
without affecting normal service traffic flow.


William Lu, President and CEO, Psychz Networks, said:
"Every hosting provider today has issues with the rising frequency and severity of DDoS attacks. When we began searching for a DDoS mitigation solution, we were particularly interested in protecting our customers from Layer 7 attacks. NSFOCUS competitors were more expensive and less responsive to our needs. We couldn't be more pleased with the service we have received from the NSFOCUS team and are excited to include its ADS system in our new data center.

Terence Chong, Solutions Architect, NSFOCUS, said:
"Web hosting providers today need to be more diligent than ever. In fact, DDoS attack methodologies continue to evolve at such high rates that navigating the waters requires them to have a deeper level of security training than most providers have in-house. By implementing our solutions at both facilities, Psychz Networks is able to offer its customers a battle-tested protection plan, seamlessly and easily. We look forward to continuing our relationship as Psychz expands its services across the nation."

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Founded in 2000, NSFOCUS provides enterprise-level, carrier-grade solutions and services for distributed denial of service (DDoS) mitigation, Web security and enterprise-level network security. With more than 14 years of experience in DDoS research and development and mitigation, NSFOCUS has helped customers around the world maintain high levels of Internet security, website uptime and business operations to ensure that their online systems remain available. The NSFOCUS Anti-DDoS System (ADS) empowers customers to find and fend off a variety of incidents, from simple network layer attacks to more sophisticated and potentially damaging application-layer attacks, all while guaranteeing legitimate traffic gets through to networks and corporate-critical systems. For more information, visit


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