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Precision Specialties Acquires Palm Labs Adhesives

Press release date: July 15, 2014

Roger Szafranski, President of Precision Specialties, has acquired Palm Labs Adhesives LLC, a technology based company which develops, manufactures and markets a broad line of specialty adhesives and sealants.

Palm Labs Adhesives was established in 1998. It has a technology center in Hilton Head, South Carolina and a manufacturing operation in Debary, Florida. Our customers will continue to be rewarded with significant cost savings and additional solutions for their assembly requirements, says Szafranski.

Palm Labs is a perfect fit with Precision Specialties' line of wave springs, belleville springs, bearing locknuts, lockwashers, clamps, threaded inserts and panel fasteners. The acquisition expands our product capabilities to include threadlockers, bearing and shaft retaining compounds, and other proprietary adhesives for medical, industrial and commercial applications.

Roger Szafranski says small US companies must take the lead to create jobs. Large companies have options which are unavailable to smaller companies, such as moving around the globe to reduce taxes, pay lower wages and minimize regulations; all totally rational strategies until the country cannot employ its people and must figure out a way to care for the next generation of US citizens who do not have jobs. A University of Chicago free market businessman, Roger Szafranski says US companies need to focus on sustaining the total ecosystem of the US economy not simply maximizing short term returns. The path of least resistance for large international companies is to move where they get the quickest return while the little guy stays in his backyard and fights it out on the street corner. Buy American and bring home the jobs! It will help make your family's future brighter!


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