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PMI Fall Meeting to focus on water efficiency and sustainability.

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August 30, 2010 - Water efficiency and waste reduction, initiatives and activities that align with US Green Building Council's objectives, will be key topics at PMI Fall Meeting, held October 3-6 in Washington, DC. Presentations, reports, and discussions will focus on California Green Chemistry regulation, recycling/reuse of ceramic toilets, and reduction/recycling of product packaging. Proposed Federal bill to offer rebates on purchase of 1.28 gal/flush toilets will also be addressed.

Plumbing Manufacturers International - Rolling Meadows, IL

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Water Efficiency and Sustainability Key Topics at the PMI Fall Meeting, Oct. 3-6, in D.C.

Press release date: August 24, 2010

Rolling Meadows, Illinois -- Water efficiency and waste reduction are among Plumbing Manufacturers Institute (PMI) initiatives and activities that align with the U.S. Green Building Council's objectives. These also are key topics at the PMI Fall Meeting held Oct. 3-6, at The Liaison Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. Presentations, reports and discussions at the PMI Fall Meeting will include: the California Green Chemistry regulation, the recycling and reuse of ceramic toilets, the reduction and recycling of product packaging, and the proposed Federal bill to offer rebates on the purchase of 1.28-gallons-per-flush toilets. "As USGBC members, we know that 5 billion gallons of potable water are used each day solely to flush toilets across the nation," says PMI Executive Director Barbara C. Higgens. "Fixing leaks and installing water-efficient plumbing products can make a significant contribution to water conservation efforts. LEED 2009 Water Use Reduction requirements call for strategies that use 20 percent less water in plumbing fixtures, fittings and appliances, such as WaterSense-labeled products." PMI's mission includes promoting water efficiency, health, safety, quality and environmental sustainability of plumbing products, while maximizing consumer choice and value in a fair and open marketplace. Delivering on this mission, PMI's educational website,, presents news and information about clean, safe drinking water and water efficiency. This convenient, online resource gives lawmakers, journalists, industry professionals and homeowners fast access to research findings, scientific data and industry facts. In addition to the news at and the discussion at the PMI Fall Meeting, PMI continues to expand its collaborations, coalitions and alliances. For example, PMI and Alliance for Water Efficiency (AWE) are founding members of the Plumbing Efficiency Research Coalition, which supports research projects that support efficient use of water, public safety and product performance. PMI and AWE also shared a booth at Greenbuild 2009. This year, both organizations return to the conference with expanded presence. This is PMI's fourth year as an exhibitor at the USGBC's annual Greenbuild International Conference and Expo. More than one-third of PMI's members also will be exhibiting their water-efficient products. About PMI The Plumbing Manufacturers Institute is the voluntary, not-for-profit international industry association of manufacturers of plumbing products, serving as the Voice of the Plumbing Industry. Member companies produce a substantial quantity of the nation's plumbing products. For more information on PMI or its semi-annual meetings, contact the Institute at 1921 Rohlwing Road, Unit G, Rolling Meadows, IL, 60008; tel.: 847-481-5500; fax: 847-481-5501. Visit the website at PMI Mission Statement
  • To promote the water efficiency, health, safety, quality and environmental sustainability of plumbing products, while maximizing consumer choice and value in a fair and open marketplace.
  • To provide a forum for the exchange of information and industry education.
  • To represent openly the member's interests and advocate for sound environmental and public health policies in the regulatory/legislative processes.
  • To enhance the plumbing industry's growth and expansion. Plumbing Manufacturers Institute 1921 Rohlwing Rd., Unit G, Rolling Meadows, IL 60008, U.S.A. | Tel: 847-481-5500 | Fax: 847-481-5501 | | Contacts Barbara C. Higgens, executive director. Plumbing Manufacturers Institute,, 847-481-5500 Heather West, media contact,, 612-724-8760
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