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Plasma Etch, Inc. "Unveils" New PCB Etching System

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Plasma Etch, Inc. "Unveils" New PCB Etching System

Press release date: November 23, 2012

Plasma Etch, Inc. of Carson City, NV. has introduced a new PCB (printed circuit board) plasma etching treatment system named the Magna Series. Magna’s revolutionary technological design is new to the plasma treatment industry and has never been seen or been available in todays PCB etching world. Magna is unique, powerful and very interesting. Only 3-phase power and compressed air are needed for desmear and etch back applications.

The unique Magna Series design (patent pending) offers several key benefits and features and sets new market standards in several areas. Some of these include, the lowest operating cost in the industry, extremely high etch speed rates, and incredible uniformity. It is also an environmentally green machine by either having lowest CF4 usage required or by having no CF4 usage required.

Plasma Etch is inviting and encouraging all persons within the PCB community to come investigate the Magna in further detail. The Magna series is now available. Plasma Etch is also now offering sample testing on the Magna System.

At this time, all inquiries for the Magna Series are being handled on a one-to-one basis from Plasma Etch headquarters in Carson City, NV.

For detailsĀ  please call (775) 883-1336 , or email .


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