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Pioneering Centrax Package Powers Versailles

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Pioneering Centrax Package Powers Versailles

Press release date: January 1, 2013

Centrax, the leading UK gas turbine power-generation packaging specialist, has completed one of its highest-profile installations in recent years with the commissioning of its first Siemens CX400 package. This 12MW unit is now meeting 40 per cent of the hot water demand of the French city of Versailles, on the outskirts of Paris, while also producing electricity for sale to French power utility EDF. The combined heat and power installation at Versailles is the first Siemens gas turbine to be packaged by Centrax since the two companies forged a recent agreement that enables Centrax to market the SGT-300 and -400 gas turbines in the UK, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium. Besides its technical benefits, the CX400 also gives Centrax the commercial advantage of providing the greatest power output and energy efficiency below the 12MW cap imposed on co-generation projects in France. This allows French energy producer COFELY, parent company of Versailles operator Verséo, to maximise its revenue by exporting 12MW of power across the ambient temperature range during a contracted operating time of 3600 hours per year. Simon Cooper, Sales Director of Siemens Energy, said: "The teamwork involving engineers from Centrax, COFELY and Siemens on this project has proved a model example of technical collaboration, creating an excellent power-generation package that is clean, quiet and highly efficient." Crucially, Centrax completed the installation and commissioning well within a tight schedule to meet the start of the winter heating season in France. "This successful combination of Siemens technology and Centrax packaging and servicing meets the demanding requirements of a modern high-efficiency plant in France and sends a strong message to the market," said Guy West, Centrax Director of Gas Turbines. The new power plant, was formally opened by the President of Verséo, Damien Terouanne and COFELY General Manager Pierre-Yves Dulac with the Deputy Mayor of Versailles on October 18. It re-uses an existing building and replaces an older gas turbine. Customers for its heat and power include the Palace of Versailles and surrounding residential areas. The contract brings the total number of generator sets packaged by Centrax for the European market to more than 320. Siemens gas turbines complement the UK Company's current product range by giving customers one of the widest choices of power output in Europe, with a range of between 2.5MW and 64MW. The Versailles sale also further enhances the impressive Centrax track record with power company COFELY, which now operates 23 Centrax units at installations in France and the UK. With customer service bases in France, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Russia, Centrax pursues a vigorous policy of targeting new markets and products that has brought major export growth in the past four years. Today 95 per cent of the Centrax output is exported. For further information contact: Sales & Marketing Department
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