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Peace of Mind with Consistent Tablet Quality

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Peace of Mind with Consistent Tablet Quality

Press release date: May 4, 2007

At the CIMEX AG pharmaceutical manufacturing site, validated weighing stations fitted with the dispensing software FormWeigh.Net®, guarantee formulation accuracy, fail-proof material handling and compliance with cGMP/GAMP and 21 CFR part 11. FormWeigh.Net ® : all advantages for Cimex AG Analysis of the specific requirements and close cooperation between CIMEX AG and METTLER TOLEDO led to the seamless and smooth upgrade of CIMEX AG's dispensing system to FormWeigh.Net®. Mohammed Ibrahim, Production Manager of non-penicillin based products manufacturing, underlines that "a crucial point was the integration of the available devices into the new system without suffering from production loss during the changeover. The goal was to bring the new system as close as possible to the system already in place while introducing new functions." The customizable functions of FormWeigh.Net® made this a straightforward task. Computer System Validation made Efficient CIMEX AG decided to use the validation service that METTLER TOLEDO provides. The weighing stations were qualified, the software validated and all operators trained with no interference to the on-going production. Based on the great success of the project with METTLER TOLEDO, CIMEX AG plans to implement an additional FormWeigh.Net ® system in its penicillin production soon. Cimex's key benefits User-friendly touchscreen Unique labeling system Graphical visualization of the weight Electronic batch records and e-signature Weighing and control at your finger tips Fully 21 CFR Part 11 compliance


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