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Palmetto Brick Chooses Zontec SPC Software

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Palmetto Brick Chooses Zontec SPC Software

Press release date: September 9, 2008

Cincinnati, OH -- Palmetto Brick Company, headquartered in Cheraw, SC, has chosen Zontec's Synergy 2000T Statistical Process Control (SPC) Software to help its manufacturing operations manage product quality. "The primary reason we purchased Synergy 2000 is to keep our manufacturing process consistent so that our colors and brick properties meet customer's needs," says Todd Butler, Palmetto Process Engineer. "To achieve this consistency, we must monitor our raw materials and manufacturing processes very closely and try to reduce or eliminate any variability that can be measured. Palmetto produces 150-million brick per year. The residential market accounts for approximately 50 percent of Palmetto's business. The investment in Zontec SPC software follows a $28-million, 400,000-sq. ft. plant expansion in 2005, featuring robotic handling and computer controlled processes to make it one of the most technologically advanced brick manufacturing plants in the U.S. ABOUT ZONTEC
Zontec became one of the first companies to offer SPC software for personal computers 25 years ago. Since then, its technology has been adopted by more than 5,000 companies spanning virtually every industrial category. Zontec Inc.
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