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Overmold Design For Push-Pull Spin Coupling Connectors

Press release date: April 14, 2014

Push-pull connectors are a type of cable interconnect which offer a unique locking mechanism for harsh environments. The connector is locked in position by squeezing the connector body and preventing accidental disconnects from taking place. Introduced by the Swiss as a cylindrical design, this style houses an array of configurations from liquid to gas, coaxial, multipin and triaxial.

The most difficult part about working with push-pull connectors is the spin coupling used as the locking mechanism. A spin coupling is a rotatable and grooved nut designed to accommodate the locking mechanism.

The main issue is not letting material ingress into the spin coupling area. Once material makes it inside the spin coupling, the locking mechanism becomes unusable. Since push-pull connectors are vastly used across industries, ISC has created an overmold design to keep compound from being ingressed into the spin coupling. Our improved method of creating shutoffs to keep the overmold compound from seeping into the spin coupling allows this mechanism to have full functionality. As a value added feature we can incorporate a strain relief to add a degree of stress relief to protect the terminations from being ripped out while this connector is in use.

To learn more about ISC's improved design for push-pull connectors or push-pull connector assemblies please visit or call us 909-203-1143


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