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Omative Systems North America - Cincinnati, OH

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Omative Systems North America Introduces Software for Adaptive Machining, Vibration Monitoring, and Shop Floor Management

Press release date: July 24, 2014

Cincinnati, Ohio – Omative Systems North America debuts at IMTS 2014 with its proprietary, software-based systems for adaptive machining, real-time vibration monitoring and shop floor production management.

ACM Adaptive Feed Rate Control
Omative's ACM Adaptive Feed Rate Control reduces cycle time and protects the cutting process by monitoring the load and making real time adjustments to the programmed feed rate. ACM runs a test on the first work piece and "learns" the maximum spindle load for each operation. The user then sets an allowable override of the programmed feed rate, and from there ACM adjusts the feed rate for maximum efficiency based on the learned load value. When cutting conditions are lighter, feed rate is increased and cycle time reduced. Where the load becomes heavier due to unexpected workpiece hardness or thickness, the system reduces the feed, even to below the programmed rate, to protect the cutting tools and work piece. ACM automatically increases the feed rate to maximum during air cutting, then pauses and lowers the feed immediately prior to entering the material. In real-world applications, ACM has reduced cycle times by 20 percent and more, depending on the application.

ACM can also prolong grinding wheel life by dynamically adjusting the feed rate to compensate for ongoing wear. The software can be installed on almost any CNC, including Siemens, Fanuc, Heidenhain, and others, and receives all its inputs from the controller without the need for external sensors.

VCM Vibration Monitor
Omative VCM Vibration Monitor constantly compares machine and tool vibration against healthy baseline signatures, and issues alerts or shuts off the machine as instructed when values are exceeded. VCM reacts instantly to extreme events, such as collisions. After a collision, it can indicate whether there is internal damage. It also alerts the user to gradual changes in vibration that suggest maintenance is necessary. At the tool level, VCM can recognize broken tools, missing tools or improperly mounted tools, even changes as small as a broken insert on a face mill – critical for companies considering "lights out".

PRO Shop Floor Management
Omative PRO Shop Floor Management software is an ideal tool for optimizing processes and OEE. It reports machine performance data to remote computers from any CNC running ACM. It provides real-time, graphical information on machine availability, cycle times, cutting tool performance, alarms, cycle-time saving from ACM, parts production and other data. The software works seamlessly with any CNC where ACM is installed.

Proven effective and in use worldwide by top customers and OEM's, Omative software products are now available to North American shops and machine tool builders with direct sales and support by the new U.S. company based in Cincinnati.

For additional information, visit or call 513.444.2156.

Steve Blum, Operations Manager
Omative Systems North America


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