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Ohio Gratings, Inc. Expands by Adding a New Division Called OGi Architectural Metal Solutions

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Ohio Gratings, Inc. Expands by Adding a New Division Called OGi Architectural Metal Solutions

Press release date: July 9, 2008

Canton, Ohio -- July 9, 2008 -- Ohio Gratings, Inc. is proud to announce a new division of their company called OGi Architectural Metal Solutions. This new division has been created to expand into the architectural metals market providing aluminum, carbon and stainless steel products for projects requiring architectural applications such as sunshades, grilles, fencing, handrail infill, building facades, louvers and ADA walking surfaces. In conjunction with this newly created architectural metal division, another joint venture with Ohio Gratings, Inc. took place earlier this year with American Metalco, Florida. This joint venture focuses on the Florida construction market specifically looking at projects which include architectural metal products. American Metalco brings experience in architectural design, planning, engineering, fabrication, project management and installation services while providing architectural systems for a product line of screening, grilles, louvers, cladding, awnings, canopies, sunshades, metal fencing, walkways and signature structures. Ohio Gratings, Inc. headquarters is located at 5299 Southway St., SW, in Canton, OH. Their operation and manufacturing facilities spread across 312,000 sq. ft. They also have a second 15,000 sq. ft. facility in Ridgeland, SC and a third 31,000 sq. ft. facility recently added in Houston, TX that offers an array of grating products and services including an inventory of light duty steel and aluminum products. These facilities provide fabrication services from banding to the most complex fabrication requests. Since 1970, Ohio Gatings, Inc. has manufactured quality bar grating from traditional industrial flooring to architectural applications. Ohio Gratings, Inc. offers extensive design and custom fabrication services, engineering support, budget estimates and detailed shop drawings. They operate in accordance to ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and NAAMM (National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers) standards. Some applications of Ohio Gratings, Inc. bar grating products include entranceways, sun screens, vent grilles, handrail panels, ceiling tiles, security screens, louvers, visual barriers, fences, trenches, platforms, stair treads and mezzanine walkways. To place an order or inquiry at Ohio Gratings, Inc., call 800-321-9800, or FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Laura Scott - President Cassidy Advertising & Consulting LLC Phone/Fax: 330.544.9996 Carl Griffin Ohio Gratings, Inc. 5299 Southway SW o Canton, OH 44706 Phone: 330.479.4295


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