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NUTEK Corporation Relocation Approved by City of Fremont

Press release date: June 25, 2014

NUTEK to become the premier Bay Area sterilization facility offering E-beam, X-ray, EtO serving Medtech and Biotech for High Volume Sterilization and RD Innovation.

Hayward, CA – NUTEK Corporation is pleased to announce it has received approval to relocate to the City of Fremont.

The new facility (in south Fremont) is slated to open March 1, 2015 and the existing facility will be decommissioned by June 1, 2016. The new facility will include E-beam, X-ray as well as EtO sterilization services.

NUTEK expects to have the E-beam and X-ray operational with the IQ/OQ completed by March 2015.

Larry Nichols, NUTEK's COO, commented-"This will give us over a year to perform Dose Maps on our customer's products. This will also give our customers plenty of time to audit our new facility. "

"With our new facility, NUTEK will be the high volume sterilization and R&D innovation center for the entire medtech and biotech industries for the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond."

About NUTEK Corporation

NUTEK Corporation is an FDA-registered sterilization facility certified to ISO 13485 and 11137 (soon to include 11135). The company provides reliable electron-beam (E-beam) irradiation and EtO processing for healthcare products and medical devices.

NUTEK's philosophy is simple; to provide the highest standards in the industry - from R&D and testing... to dose mapping and validation... through production. Expertise in optimizing E-beam sterilization and processing throughput of complex medical devices, combination drug/biologic devices and healthcare products.

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