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Dytran Instruments, Inc. - Chatsworth, CA

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New Web Based Product Selector Application for Piezoelectric and MEMS Sensors

Press release date: Sep 10, 2008

Dytran Instruments, Inc. has just launched a web based Product Selector application.

In launching this new application, Dytran continues to provide their customers with industry leading web based support. The selector is searchable by model number as well as application, product weight, sensitivity and technology. You can also navigate the products by browsing the different product categories (accelerometers, force sensors, pressure sensors, impulse hammers). It includes suggestions for mating cables and other accessories that are sold with Dytran sensors.

From the selector the user can accomplish various tasks, including downloading the product data sheet and submitting an RFQ directly to the Dytran sales team. Other notable highlights are the "wall of products" and the "mouse-over" feature. The wall of products is visually appealing to the user and allows him or her to easily identify the type of sensors needed for their particular application. The mouse-over feature is accessed from the wall of products and includes a short description of each product, which allows for quick identification of the units they would like to learn more about.

For more information about the product selector, go to or email

Company Information
Established in 1980, Dytran Instruments, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of piezoelectric and MEMS type accelerometers, force and pressure transducers, and associated electronics. Dytran products are used extensively in aerospace, test and measurement and industrial applications. Additionally, Dytran products are widely utilized for on-board measurements in a variety of aerospace, commercial, and military applications.

Dytran maintains a world-class manufacturing facility in Chatsworth (Los Angeles) California. This vertically integrated facility includes engineering, administrative, manufacturing, and automated machining capabilities. Dytran products are available worldwide via a network of distributors and representatives.