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New Update to T&D's Popular WebStorage Service

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New Update to T&D's Popular WebStorage Service

Press release date: April 16, 2012

New and Improved Functionality for High-Quality Data Loggers CAS DataLoggers and T&D, Japan's #1 manufacturer of temperature and humidity data loggers, is announcing new and improved functionality for the popular WebStorage service. Changes include really helpful features improving data accessibility and organization - for example, the Graph function has been enhanced with new functionality such as a scrolling readings cursor, Min and Max color-coded arrows, and more. Additionally, the graph tool has been updated with graph printing and exporting various graphic file formats, and another great feature is the addition of file checkboxes for downloaded data files that allow for downloading or deleting of multiple files at one time. These improvements extend T&D dataloggers' functionality even further, providing customers with extra value. CAS DataLoggers offers T&D's compact, waterproof temperature recorders for harsh environments; wireless temperature/humidity/voltage data loggers; temperature and humidity loggers with USB or Ethernet interfaces; voltage data loggers, high accuracy temperature recorders; and micro web servers. These products see common usage in applications including transportation and warehousing, food processing and storage, industrial manufacturing and processing, and agriculture. T&D WebStorage Service is an online service provided by T&D Corporation giving users the convenience of sharing their recorded data via the Internet, perfect for processing and managing data recorded in remote places or for allowing several people to view the same recorded data at their convenience. Recorded data can be transmitted to T&D WebStorage Service from all compatible products, including T&D's RTR-500 series of wireless data loggers, the RTR-500 GSM wireless data logger cellular base station, and the RTR-500NW/AW Network Base Stations. The data transmitted to the T&D WebStorage Service can be accessed via a Web browser from anywhere, anytime, as long as an internet connection is available. One perfect example to show the system's unique power is the temperature management of products while in transit. In this application, T&D WebStorage Service enables the sender, the receiver, and the carrier to monitor the same current readings graph and check the temperature condition of the products while in transit, significantly improving data transparency and reducing risk to the product and seller's reputation. Users can access their recorded data and current readings anytime from anywhere. T&D WebStorage Service will start providing services with a free course from May 25, 2010 onward. For more information on the T&D WebStorage Service, for a wide variety of wired and wireless dataloggers from T&D, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at Contact Information:
CAS DataLoggers, Inc.
12628 Chillicothe Road
Chesterland Ohio 44026
(440) 729-2570
(800) 956-4437


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