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New Software Simplifies the Move to Virtual Desktops

Press release date: June 18, 2014

HAXTUN, Colo.— PrairieIT announces two new software products that simplify the PC virtualization process for CIOs. The products, PrairieThinClient and PrairieManager, are born out of 24 months of development in real world testing with large, multi-location organizations.

For more than a decade CIOs have been saving their companies money through virtualization. What's not to like? Employees get newer, faster PCs, companies save money, fewer PCs end up in the landfill and CIOs get a more consistent, stable computing environment to manage.

However, the path to a more simplified computing environment can be a complex, disruptive one. Mark Oman, founder of PrairieIT says, "Simply put, the process of transforming a computer environment into a Virtual Desktop one is unnecessarily complex. Compatibility issues pop up with virtualization software and the "back end" cloud service providers, licenses need to be tracked and often the entire computer network must be reconfigured. We know, we ran that gauntlet virtualizing PCs for customers for much of the past two years."

This could explain why reports a low 1-3% adoption rate of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, a technology designed to save money and simplify things.

Oman, an ex VP at Hewlett Packard and Agilent Technologies, and his team at PrairieIT agree, "We developed this suite of software to make OUR OWN lives simpler as we assisted customers in the virtualization process. It's far harder than it should be, and we believe we nailed it."

The "it" Oman speaks about is the process of removing existing PC's and replacing them with thin clients to connect to VDI.

"Anyone moving to VDI will benefit from our inexpensive, easy to use software," Oman says. "A new thin client to connect to VDI can easily run $300 and take hours to set up and configure. Our $12 PrairieThinClient software, when coupled with our free PrairieManager, makes the connection to VDI almost free and takes less than 10 minutes to install."

PrairieThinClient is designed for any CIO or IT professional that is moving their organization to a VDI environment with a special emphasis on small to midsized business, non-profits, school, and government.

PrairieThinClient is software that turns existing PCs into thin clients, without requiring the purchase of new hardware and the accompanying complexity (uninstall and dispose of old hardware, install new hardware, recable and reconfigure the network). The software installs on each PC and replaces the XP or Win7 operating system thereby eliminating Windows support and updates. PrairieThinClient is not only easy to install and configure remotely, it is compatible with Citrix, VMWare, and Microsoft RDP virtual desktop environments.

PrairieManager is Windows based software that lets SysAdmins and CIOs remotely manage and monitor all PrairieThinClient machines from one simple interface.

Both software products are available for download at The free downloads are fully functioning and do not have a time limit. PrairieThinClient costs $12/seat and is available to purchase at with no seat licenses required. PrairieManager is free.

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