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New Product Handbook From Southco is Comprehensive Resource for Design Engineers

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New Product Handbook From Southco is Comprehensive Resource for Design Engineers

Press release date: April 2, 2009

Concordville, PA, March 31, 2009-A new 500-page product handbook from Southco provides engineers with a comprehensive range of access hardware solutions, featuring over 40,000 products in 15 separate categories. This comprehensive portfolio of access hardware allows customers to easily find and specify the product needed for their application or to search the handbook for new ideas within the 10 selection guides that spotlight Southco's 28 new products for 2009. The new Southco catalog also offers a product features index, enabling customers to easily search for hardware solutions that may meet a specific need or solve a particular problem. For example, engineers needing a locking latch can find hardware solutions featuring key-locking, padlocking or tool-access functionality. The Southco product offerings can also be searched by material construction (e.g., stainless steel); those that can be installed in round holes, or those meeting a specific testing standard (e.g., NEMA4, AdvancedTCA, AdvancedMC). Products are visually displayed in the catalog with icons and real-size drawings. The new product offerings for 2009 include Southco's patented position control hinges and electronic access solutions, which offer sophisticated solutions to access challenges facing today's design engineers. Also receiving special focus in the new, user-friendly product handbook are swing handles, compression latches, rotary latches and quarter-turn fasteners. The new product handbook will be available in nine languages for usage around the globe. Customers can request this new catalog of access hardware solutions by visiting Southco is a leading global provider of engineered access solutions, including latches, locks, captive fasteners, hinges, handles, and other accessories for applications in the marine, networking, telecommunications, computer, automotive, aerospace, mass transit, off-highway/construction, RV/caravan, industrial machinery and HVAC industries. Southco is strongly focused on customized engineering solutions and global support for its key customers. The company aspires to be a virtual engineering center for its customers' engineered-access solutions and is committed to providing outstanding quality and overall satisfaction. Southco's promise to its customers is to connect, create and innovate to provide the best solution for every access engineering problem. SOUTHCO CONTACT: Dan McCourt 610-361-6267 MEDIA CONTACT: Ted Sikorski 302-429-5132


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