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New Information Regarding Floor Marking Is Now Available Through Creative Safety Supply

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New Information Regarding Floor Marking Is Now Available Through Creative Safety Supply

Press release date: August 24, 2012

The floor marking guide provided by Creative Safety Supply is exceptional when it comes to complying with OSHA regulations. Industrial and manufacturing plants across the nation can achieve high standards in safety programs such as 5s by educating the staff about proper ways to mark floors through the floor marking guide provided by Creative Safety Supply. The guide contains all OSHA and ANSI color recommendations for floor markings. For example, yellow is coded as a caution color to be used for marking physical hazards such as tripping, stumbling and falling areas. OSHA requires the yellow color code for all permanent aisles and passageways. Safety of employees is a major concern for all industries. To avoid accidents and maintain safety as a priority, the floor marking guide is a must for all workplaces including office, industrial and manufacturing facilities. The floor marking guide also supplies important information about OSHA's aisle width requirements where mechanical equipment is used. Aisles that utilize truck and forklift traffic need wider aisles for foot traffic. The guide suggests an average of 36 inches. Also, inside storage rooms that may contain combustible liquids, aisles must be at least three feet in width. Emergency exit points require 28 inches as a minimum allowed width. Creative Safety Supply offers a variety of safety tapes in different colors and widths to meet OSHA and ANSI requirements. SafetyTac is Creative Safety Supply's #1 top selling floor tape and is considered to be the strongest industrial floor tape in the market. It is designed to outperform painted lines in the harshest and toughest industrial environments. The tape is made out of tough material and adhesive with dual-beveled edges that make it stand up to the toughest daily tests such as forklifts, heavy foot traffic, trucks and chemicals. As one plant manager commented, "I can't believe how easy the guide was to read and understand. I now feel confident we are providing our employees a safe environment to work." To receive a free floor marking guide and to get more information about floor marking tapes and other safety products, visit Creative Safety Supply at or call toll-free (866)777-1360 for personal help with specific needs, guidelines and rules.


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