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New England SpinTech, LLC - Spencer, MA

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New England SpinTech Prepares for Accelerating Growth

Press release date: June 6, 2014

Announces Organizational Restructuring for Operating Efficiency

Spencer, MA –New England SpinTech, LLC located at 8 Donnelly Road in Spencer, MA announces a restructuring plan to prepare for rapid growth.

“Companies restructure for different reasons. Our restructuring plan is not out of necessity to cut costs but rather to put people and processes in place to effectively handle our future plans and expectations. Our goal is to continue to quickly react to customer needs, both routine and emergency.” According to Peter Houle, President and CEO.

“When one responsibility becomes a distraction to another, a proactive change is necessary. During our company’s growth it became apparent that increasing responsibilities and regulations would require additional manpower for proper administration and supervision. For this and other reasons we are refining and adding to our management team to make a smooth transition possible."

“This restructuring involves internal promotions and new hires. Companies typically require people to wear many hats, but as we grow we do not want “many hats” to be a distraction and cause inefficiency in our operation. We are fortunate to have business conditions that allow us to invest in this process.”

“With many additions already made to the general work force, the reporting structure needs to be adjusted as well. We will continue to add more experienced technicians and support personnel, as well as middle and lower management to reach our goals. The planning began last fall and we are now moving forward in implementing our changes.”


Founded in 2007, New England SpinTech has proven to be a leading provider of Reliability and Maintenance Solutions for industrial and commercial applications. Services include Vibration Analysis, Laser Alignment, On Site and Shop Dynamic Balancing, Predictive Preventive Maintenance, Lubrication Programs, Thermal Imaging, Sound Level Testing, Field and Shop Repair of Machines and Components, specializing in Fan Repair and Rebuilding.

New England SpinTech, Llc

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