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New England SpinTech, LLC - Spencer, MA

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New England SpinTech Installing 24/7 Vibration Monitoring System

Press release date: April 24, 2014

Advanced Monitoring Solutions for Critical Applications

Spencer, MA– New England SpinTech, LLC located at 8 Donnelly Road in Spencer, MA is announcing the installation of an advanced vibration monitoring system at one of their customer's facilities.

"This will allow us to access our customer's data anytime from our office in Spencer and other remote PC locations. After the initial cost of installation, this can significantly reduce ongoing costs and increase the efficiency of their predictive maintenance program" according to Peter Houle, Director of Strategic Planning & Business Development.

"Data will be collected and stored for analysis and report writing. If a problem is detected according to the parameters that are selected, extra data will be automatically collected and email alerts will be instantly sent to all of our analysts for our immediate review. Email alerts will also notify our customer so that they can take appropriate action if necessary."

Manufactured by Commtest, the system called "vbOnline" can easily schedule measurements in the most inaccessible environments and remotely monitor the health of critical assets 24/7. This automatically alerts to potential problems and avoids costly downtime. Each vbOnline device connects directly into the LAN / WAN network within a company. Single user PC or network-capable, this solution is easily expandable and can be as big or as small as you require. As monitoring needs increase, simply plug in additional modules.

Founded in 2007, New England SpinTech has proven to be a leading provider of Reliability and Maintenance Solutions for industrial and commercial applications. Services include Vibration Analysis, Laser Alignment, On Site and Shop Dynamic Balancing, Predictive & Preventive Maintenance, Lubrication Programs, Thermal Imaging, Sound Level Testing, Field and Shop Repair of Machines and Components, specializing in Fan Repair and Rebuilding.

New England SpinTech, Llc

Peter Houle


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