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Thermal Instrument Company - Trevose, PA

Original Press Release

New Brochure from Thermal Instrument Co.

Press release date: August 1, 2014

Thermal Instrument Company released its latest version of their General Product Brochure this month. The new brochure speaks to the consumer by offering solutions, benefits, helpful applications, and typical fluids measured with the Thermal Mass Flow Meter line.

The brochure talks less about the technology and more about what benefits the technology can have in industrial and environmental applications for the consumers of our product. It is being launched digitally to the sales channel partners with hard copies to follow in the near future.

“We are committed to giving our sales channel partners the most up to date literature and plan to further enhance the company website in the next year” said Ray Young of Thermal Instrument Co. These changes show the commitment to the sales team by giving them easy to use sales tools in order to speak to their client’s needs.

About Thermal Instrument Company
Thermal Instrument Company, an international company headquartered in Trevose, Pennsylvania, provides leading edge instrumentation solutions for measuring the flow rate of liquids and gasses. The company has been in existence since 1959 providing flow measurement solutions to a variety of industries throughout the globe and has an installed base in excess of 20,000 devices performing successfully in many applications. For more information about Thermal Instrument Company’s flow solutions, please visit our website or contact us via phone.



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