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More than Sixty Product Families Covered in ''What's New at AVX'' Catalog

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More than Sixty Product Families Covered in ''What's New at AVX'' Catalog

Press release date: January 8, 2007

1/8/2007 - AVX Corporation has recently released their "What's New at AVX" catalog to highlight more than 18,000 new parts and 60 new product families introduced in 2006. The catalog includes cutting edge new capacitors, circuit protection, filters, RF/microwave, integrated passives, resistive devices, timing devices, module devices, and connectors that provide design solutions for a wide variety of applications. In the past year AVX has introduced over 18,000 new parts, and expects to grow that number in 2007. The 'What's New at AVX' catalog is designed to inform engineers about our new products so they can improve their circuits and designs to make superior end products. The catalog contains 62 product families as well as details on new software and literature. As a technology leader, AVX has developed parts that will improve the overall performance or size of a system and often reduce total cost. These innovations include TACmicrochip(TM), OxiCap(TM), and FLEXITERM(TM) capacitors, all of which recently won industry awards for product innovation.


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