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Mobeam Technology Embedded in New Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone

Press release date: April 14, 2014

$350 in Offers from Supermarkets, Pharmacies, Retail and Sporting Goods Stores, Office Supplies and Home Improvement Stores

PALO ALTO, Calif.– Today, Mobeam announced that the new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone is the latest mobile device embedded with Mobeam's beaming capabilities. The Palo Alto company also revealed that consumers will be able to use its popular Beep'nGo ( mobile app on the Galaxy S5 through Galaxy Gifts(, with offers that can save S5 users over $350 per month from Macy's, Staples, BJ's Wholesale Club, and major Consumer Package Goods companies. Customers simply bring Beep'nGo with them wherever they shop to take advantage of coupons from major department stores, local retailers, and specialty service providers. With Beep'nGo, there's no need for plastic cards or paper coupons -- it is the only app you can use anywhere you shop, including your local supermarket, pharmacy, retail and sporting goods stores, office supplies and home improvement stores! There will be additional local features based on your zip code, for example, a special offer for Beep'nGo users from Major League Soccer's San Jose Earthquakes.

"The Galaxy S5 literally pays for itself with the offers from the biggest brands available in Mobeam's Beep'nGo. This is yet another example of how Samsung has set this revolutionary mobile device apart from the competition," said Mobeam President and CEO, Kang M. Lee. "More consumers than ever before will be able to easily redeem coupons, use gift, loyalty and membership cards anywhere they shop. With Mobeam's technology on your phone, you never forget your loyalty cards at home, or have to deal with wallets and purses overstuffed with membership cards or coupons."

By the end of 2014, Mobeam's technology will be on an estimated 100 million mobile devices and available in over 180 countries. The patented technology from Mobeam took second place (,2817,2419379,00.asp) at CTIA 2013 Emerging Technology (E-Tech) awards in the Mobile Apps - Money - Payments, Banking, Mobile Commerce, Shopping and Rewards category.

In 2012, Mobeam partnered with Procter & Gamble in a joint effort to create the first-ever completely mobile couponing system. This initiative brings consumers one-step closer to phasing out paper coupons entirely.

Jim Cramer host of CNBC's Mad Money recently said (, "Mobeam is changing the way we spend money. That's what's key. It brings us one step closer to a future where you literally use your phone for everything."

According to Forrester Research, mobile commerce is expected to reach $31 billion by 2016, growing at a 39 percent annual rate.

On your new Samsung Galaxy S5 just download Beep'nGo under Galaxy Gifts -- free premium apps, available exclusively on your Galaxy device. Existing Beep'nGo users will see a new update notification and if you are a new user just download the latest version here: Beep'nGo (

Last March, Mobeam launched on the Samsung Galaxy S4 (, making it the world's first smartphone able to beam barcodes at millions of checkout registers all over the world. In September 2013, it was announced that Mobeam technology would also be embedded on the new Galaxy Note 3. Samsung has said retailers prefer traditional barcodes (, because they do not have to install any new infrastructure. It also saves consumers time and money by simplifying their overall shopping experience.

Download the Beep'nGo ( application by clicking here (

For more information on Mobeam visit:

To watch a "How It Works" tutorial of Mobeam's technology, visit:

About Mobeam

Mobeam, Inc. is transforming mobile commerce with its unique and patented light based communications technology. The company was recently named one of the hottest technology companies in San Francisco for 2013 by business research firm Lead411. Mobeam also took second place ( in CTIA's 2013 E-Tech awards for Payments, Banking, Mobile Commerce, Shopping and Rewards. Overcoming the technical barrier preventing mobile phones from interacting with laser scanners at checkout, Mobeam's technology provides universal access at point of sale (POS), enabling the transmission of coupons, loyalty offers, gift cards, tickets and other barcode data at retailers worldwide. Mobeam's technology creates new capabilities for existing mobile phone designs, and requires no changes to retailer POS infrastructure. Mobeam is headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif. For more information, visit



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