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MIT's New Video Shows the Power of Sensor Networks

Original Press Release

MIT's New Video Shows the Power of Sensor Networks

Press release date: June 30, 2014

Real Time Data Collection Benefits HVAC Applications and More

CHESTERLAND OH —¬†Displaying real time data from a building full of temperature and humidity sensors and also making use of RFID tagging, MIT’s DoppleLab is a product of the Responsive Environments Group of the MIT Media Lab. See their new video demonstration on Youtube at Here at CAS DataLoggers we’ll soon be introducing RFID products for applications such as cold chain tracking and FDA regulatory compliance. We already offer several datalogging products for real-time monitoring of many values including temperature, humidity, environmental monitoring, and more.

As MIT’s site explains, “DoppelLab is an immersive, cross-reality virtual environment that serves as an active repository of the multimodal sensor data produced by a building and its inhabitants. We transform architectural models into browsing environments for real-time sensor data visualizations, as well as open-ended platforms for building audiovisual applications atop those data. These applications in turn become sensor-driven interfaces to physical world actuation and control.”

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a popular phrase for the increasing development and market saturation of Internet-capable physical objects such as consumer appliances and control systems. Today’s wireless dataloggers feature models with mobile apps which let users monitor temperatures and control processes from remote distances.

Data collection is widely used in a large variety of industrial applications to make factory and plant processes more streamlined, reliable, and cost-effective. When connected to data loggers recording their values, these sensors produce a large amount of data which businesses and organizations can view in real time to optimize process efficiency, implement automation/control and more.

For indoor applications, environmental temperature monitoring is becoming commonplace in schools, offices and data centers. These applications are often focused on temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide monitoring, which are crucial parameters in HVAC performance validation. For these applications our TD wireless data loggers are compact and easy to set up.

In fact as the video shows, the students’ sensor network was able to detect a previously-unknown flaw in the building’s HVAC system, showing us a great example of the value of temperature sensors in commercial and residential applications.

With the near-universal presence of smartphones in consumer and industrial markets, now many dataloggers have mobile applications allowing users to view and download data collected from remote sensors, say machine or product temperature in a processing plant. This way users are finding it cheaper and easier to keep tabs on their data whether they’re in the field or outside work hours. For example, DT-Remote by Pacific Data Systems, developed for dataTaker data loggers, is a popular app enabling configuration and real-time viewing using dashboard displays of dials and graphs.

For more information on our wireless and wired data loggers which are ideal for product monitoring and process control, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at

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