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Minnesota Wire's iStretch® Stars On New National Geographic Channel TV Program May 23rd

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Minnesota Wire's iStretch® Stars On New National Geographic Channel TV Program May 23rd

Press release date: May 9, 2014

St. Paul, Minnesota – An exciting new 8-episode NATGEO Channel TV competition, SHOWDOWN OF THE UNBEATABLES, will feature Minnesota Wire’s unique iStretch® cable in a competitive challenge on its Friday, May 23rd episode at 8PM Central. The program pits dueling entrepreneurs and their innovative products against each other.

“We take on an Air Cannon manufacturer that shoots T-shirts at arena events, and shoots supplies ship-to-ship for the Navy. It was a fun challenge that we enjoyed doing for the show,” said Paul J. Wagner, Minnesota Wire CEO. “I can’t tell you the outcome, yet MnWire knows how to rise to a challenge.”

iStretch cable is an electrical cable that stretches up to 40% and returns to its original size, without losing conductivity. Its unique properties and extended durability make it superior for use in a number of applications over standard wire. Some of these include:

• Medical – Patient Monitoring and Stimulation
• Sports – Wearable Electronics / E-Textiles
• First Responders – Communication and Navigation Equipment.
• Defense – Soldier Body-borne Systems
• Aerospace – Increased Fatigue Resistance and Stretchable Antennas

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Minnesota Wire is a vertically integrated, custom manufacturing and development house for wire, cable and interconnect assemblies for the Medical, Defense and Industrial markets.  The company is a market and RD leader in electrical signal integrity, mitigating triboelectric effects, radio-translucent wire and innovative connections for wearable electronics, patient monitoring systems and leading-edge medical devices. 

The company’s 30,000 square foot headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota boasts a full R&D and test and measurement center, an Electromagnetic Capabilities (EMC) chamber for electronic pre-compliance testing and a “wet lab” for its nanotechnology applications.  Another high-volume, 58,000 square foot focused-cell, lean production facility is located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  MW is ISO 9001: 2008 certified, ISO 13485: 2003 compliant, ROHS compliant, and is a MIL-STD and IPC-620 certified harness manufacturer.


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