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MicroBlasting for Cleaning Pacemakers and Stents

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MicroBlasting for Cleaning Pacemakers and Stents

Press release date: June 22, 2009

Burbank, CA - Comco's micro-abrasive blasting equipment provides surface treatment solutions for the manufacture of medical parts. Microblasting is used to improve the surface finish of pacemaker cans. Using glass beads as an abrasive, Comco's microblasting equipment quickly smoothes laser welds. It also removes scratches and marks, leaving an attractive satin finish on the can. Microblasting is also used in the surface treatment of laser cut stents to remove oxidation and pulse marks. This step enables the electropolishing process to create a more consistent finish without damaging the integrity of the stent. Comco offers sample part testing to determine the most efficient microblasting method for any application. Our engineers have the expertise and complete test facilities to determine if a micro-abrasive blasting process can be used to improve production efficiency and product quality. Find out more about micro-abrasive blasting and sample parts testing at: Company Name: Comco Inc.
Address 1: 2151 N. Lincoln St.
City: Burbank
State: CA
Zip: 91504
Country: USA
Phone: 818-841-5500
URL: Contact Name: Kim Gardner
Title: Marketing Coordinator


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