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Micro-Abrasive Blasting Applications for the Solar Industry

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Micro-Abrasive Blasting Applications for the Solar Industry

Press release date: June 14, 2010

Comco Inc. industry leader in the manufacture of micro-abrasive blasters provides solutions for the solar industry. Comco's equipment can be used effectively for edge deletion on CIGS (Copper indium gallium (di)selenide) solar cells. Microblasting quickly cuts through all of the thin film layers down to the glass substrate without creating micro-fractures or damaging the underlying layer. For this application, alumina abrasive is most commonly used. Microabrasive blasting is an excellent alternative to the use of lasers and grinding wheels. The process uses a non-contact approach that removes material at a consistent rate and is less dependent on the layer composition. Fast and consistent results can be obtained with manual or semi-automated micro-abrasive blasting solutions. Comco's Applications Lab welcomes sample parts for testing to determine the most efficient method. Find out more about micro-abrasive blasting at


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