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Micro-Abrasive Blasting

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Micro-Abrasive Blasting

Press release date: June 18, 2010

Finishing small parts accurately Burbank, CA - Comco, industry leader in the manufacture of micro-abrasive blasting equipment will be exhibiting at the International Manufacturing Technology Show, September 13-18, 2010, at booth N-7136. Comco's line of micro-abrasive blasters offers the accuracy and control needed to effectively process small parts providing solutions for automotive, aerospace, electronics and medical manufacturers. It is an effective method for deburring hydraulic valves, gear spines, fuel injectors, Swiss precision parts and medial devices. Visitors will have the opportunity to try out the AccuFlo® abrasive blaster at the show. Micro-abrasive blasting is a technology that uses micro-sized particles of high grade abrasives propelled out of a small nozzle tip at high velocity to clean, cut, deburr, and texture a variety of surfaces. Fast and consistent results can be obtained with manual or semi-automated micro-abrasive blasting solutions. Comco's Applications Lab welcomes sample parts for testing to determine the most efficient method for both new and old applications. Engineers evaluate the parts tested with different abrasive media under various conditions to determine the best process. Find out more about micro-abrasive blasting and sample parts testing at IMTS booth N-7136 or at Comco is the industry leader in micro-abrasive blasting technology and creator of the award-winning MicroBlaster®. Established in 1968, Comco's innovative thinking and high quality standards have been key to Comco's success. Micro-abrasive blasters are used for deburring, surface preparation, selective cleaning, material removal and focused cutting in a variety of industries including medical manufacturing, microelectronics, precision machining and the aerospace industry. Comco prides itself on its high quality products and excellent customer service and tech support. For more information about Comco visit: For additional information, contact
Kim Gardner,
818-841-5500 x106


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