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Make UC Clean Flange Caps Part of Your Safety Program

Original Press Release

Make UC Clean Flange Caps Part of Your Safety Program

Press release date: January 9, 2014

Clean Flange Ultra Clean Technologies

ASAP Hydraulics now carries Ultra Clean Technologies Clean Seal Flanges, the most prominent feature was its ability to keep the oil in the hose, thus reducing the contamination of the system.  However, as things typically do, this product is now evolving into a safety product.

Why is this happening?  Recently, 2 mechanics at large quarry went out to change a hose on a Caterpillar D9.  It was a large hose with flanges on each end.  As they have traditionally done, the mechanic removed the flange on the low end of the connection and covered the flange with a plastic cap that came with the hose. His partner then disconnected the upper flange and broke the vacuum.  Gravity then took over and the oil rushed down hill.  It blew off the cap and drenched the lower mechanic with oil.  Thankfully it was not hot but it could have been or he could have received a face full of oil.

In today's environment, customers are more safety conscience than ever. Using the Ultra Clean Clean Seal Flanges in your operation your customer will not only help keep you plant and equipment cleaner but help keep your employees safer!.   

About Us:
ASAP Hydraulics, Inc. is a regionally based supplier of hydraulic hose, hose assemblies and components.   Headquartered in the suburbs of Philadelphia, ASAP offers "on-demand" manufacturing of hydraulic hose, industrial hose and hydraulic brake assemblies.  We also offer bulk hydraulic and industrial hose, fittings and equipment to make the assemblies in the field.

ASAP Hydraulics opened in 2001 as a branch to our sister company Chester County Hydraulics.  ASAP and CCH are major players in our fluid power marketplace with two locations; Exton, PA and GAP, PA.  We opened a third location in State College, PA in 2008.

At ASAP Hydraulics we use the acronym "SAPGAS"; Solve A Problem, Get A Sale.   Our philosophy is to serve the customer by solving problems before they occur if possible.  As a distributor, we try to anticipate our customers’ needs to the best of our abilities.

There are two things that we try to avoid; one is overstocking a customer and the flip side is the under stocking of the customer.  That thin line in the middle is where our service and expertise comes in to play.

Our staff averages over 30 years in the hydraulics field and with this amount of expertise; we can provide the excellent level of service you deserve as a customer.

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