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LVD Strippit Precision Hydraulic Press Brake with Easy-Form® Laser Adaptive Bending System on Display at FABTECH

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LVD Strippit Precision Hydraulic Press Brake with Easy-Form® Laser Adaptive Bending System on Display at FABTECH

Press release date: October 26, 2012

Akron, NY - LVD Strippit will display an Easy-Form® 135/30 servo-controlled press brake featuring the Easy-Form® Laser adaptive bending system at FABTECH, booth C3937. The Easy-Form press brake is part of the PPEB Series of press brakes available in working lengths from 5' to 50' (1.5 to 15 m) with tonnages up to 3000 tons.

LVD Strippit's Easy-Form and PPEB series of precision press brakes are equipped with state-of-the-art hydraulics and electronics and are offered in multi-axis configurations. The press brakes are built on a rigid frame design to ensure accuracy.


The Easy-Form press brake on display at FABTECH will feature a CADMAN® Touch control. Employing the latest in infrared touch screen technology running on a Windows® XP embedded PC based control unit, CADMAN Touch combines the power of the latest generation CNC control with the speed and simplicity of a touch screen programming system.

CADMAN Touch features an easy to use, intuitive user interface to minimize input to the control, allowing the user to move from drawing to completed part in fewer steps. The highly reliable IR touch screen technology used by the CADMAN Touch control is a robust industrial design, successfully used in other LVD bending and shearing equipment.

CADMAN Touch works with LVD Strippit's integrated 'intelligent' bending database and on board CADMAN-B (bending) software, creating and storing interactive integrated databases for bend allowance, angle corrections and spring-back. These user-generated databases, created by actual bending results, are searched and applied each time a part program is generated enabling the control to 'learn' the optimal bending parameters for the given environment. This automatic optimization of the part program eliminates trial bending, and reduces the time required to produce a quality part.

CADMAN Touch has full integration compatibility with the CADMAN suite of offline programming software, allowing for offline process integration. The offline version of CADMAN-B (bending) software shares the control's 'live' bending database, enabling parts and programs to be developed offline using 'real' bending data. This eliminates unwanted errors in the actual blank generation prior to bending, and assures that the correctly developed part is presented to the press brake the first time and every time. ADVANCED ANGLE MEASUREMENT WITH EASY-FORM® LASER

The press brake displayed at FABTECH will feature LVD Strippit's Easy-Form® Laser adaptive bending technology. Easy-Form Laser is a unique angle measurement device that uses a laser to monitor the angle in real time during the bending process, producing accurate bending results from the first piece.

Easy-Form Laser uses symmetrical measurement at the front and back of the die to determine the exact value of the angle of the workpiece. The system projects straight lines composed of multiple light points onto the workpiece and the vertical part of the die, providing a measurement calculation every 20 milliseconds.

The sensing device transmits information in real time to the CNC control unit, which processes it and subsequently recalculates the correct depth adjustment to obtain the correct angle. The bending process is not interrupted, and no production time is lost.

Unlike mechanical angle control systems, Easy-Form Laser does not extend the cycle duration and provides accurate results consistently. It does not require calibration after each set-up.

The LVD Group is a leading manufacturer of a comprehensive range of sheet metal/plate working machine tools and software solutions, including laser cutting systems, punch presses, press brakes, guillotine shears and mid-level automation systems, integrated and supported by its CADMAN® PC-based Windows® compatible software.

For more information, contact Strippit, Inc., 12975 Clarence Center Road, Akron, NY 14001, call toll free 1-800-828-1527, e-mail: or visit


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