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Literature Overviews Line of Loctite Volumetric Adhesive Dispensing Equipment

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Literature Overviews Line of Loctite Volumetric Adhesive Dispensing Equipment

Press release date: February 13, 2007

Rocky Hill, Conn. - February 13, 2007.... New literature from Henkel Corporation overviews the company's complete line of Loctite® Volumetric Adhesive Dispensing Equipment. Volumetric Dispensing Solutions is an eight page, full-color brochure that provides detailed information on the highly precise, accurate and repeatable manual and electro-mechanical positive displacement dispensing systems that are available in the Loctite® line.

The literature provides detailed product information on Loctite® 50/250 ml hand pumps, Loctite® Benchtop Peristaltic Dispensers, Loctite® Posi-Link(TM) dispense systems for prepackaged adhesive syringes and dual adhesive cartridges, and Loctite® meter mix dispense systems. Information on customizing meter mix systems is also presented.

For more information or a copy of Volumetric Dispensing Solutions, LT-4391, e-mail requests to and reference LT-4391, or call 888-427-3676.

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