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LED Light Bars from Offer Extreme Durability and High Power for Marine Applications

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LED Light Bars from Offer Extreme Durability and High Power for Marine Applications

Press release date: June 28, 2011

LED light bars from Larson Electronics' Magnalight offer high power and extreme durability with IP 68 rated construction that houses top of the line CREE XLamp MC-E® LEDs. The Magnalight LEDPB10W-80X2E LED Light Bar incorporates PWM technology coupled with Cree LEDs to create 6,880 lumens of intense light and packages this power in a housing that is waterproof to three meters and capable of withstanding the extreme conditions of marine environments. The light beam produced by this LED light bar reaches over 750 feet in usable length and can illuminate reflective objects at even greater distances. Designed to perform under even the worst conditions, this light bar is ideal for use on boats, docks, and outdoor structures and equipment that is exposed to the marine environment. Built for power and ruggedness, the [Magnalight LEDPB10W-80X2E LED light bar __title__ Magnalight LEDPB10W-80X2E LED light bar] is a serious light for serious applications. Constructed of thick extruded aluminum and featuring an unbreakable LEXAN® lens protecting its dual rows of LEDs, this unit is waterproof to three meters and highly resistant to damage from impacts, shocks and vibrations. These light bars are tough enough to withstand rapid temperature changes of -40 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius and durable enough to maintain 70% of their lumen output after 50,000 hours of use. Stainless steel mounting hardware and rubber insulated mounting blocks provide secure [LED light fixture __title__ LED light fixture]mounting and provide additional protection against the corrosion, shocks, and vibrations associated with marine use. High power and light intensity is produced by the incorporation of eight, ten watt, CREE XLamp MC-E® LEDs each producing 860 lumens, for a combined total of 6,880 lumens of light output. A patent pending reflector system pairs a specially designed reflector with each LED to precisely focus and intensify the light produced and create a far reaching and [powerful spotlight __title__ powerful spotlight]beam reaching over 750 feet in length. An additional feature of the LEDPB10W-80X2E is an advanced LED driver and PWM technology that produces unparalleled heat control and efficiency. This PWM technology also allows operators to tap into the PWM control system with an external modulator or dimmer switch and cause the light to flash, strobe, brighten or dim as desired, giving a degree of versatility most LED lights cannot match. Magnalight also offers several options that add to this LED light bars' versatility, including Deutsche connectors with included cords for simple power connection, 20 degree spot beam or 40 degree flood beam configuration, infra-red configurations for night vision applications and several highly convenient mounting options. As with most LEDs, these units are highly efficient and draw only 80 watts at 6.7 amps when operated with a 12 volt power source. These lights are also multi-voltage capable and can be operated with any voltage ranging from 9 to 46 volts DC, making these units ideal for the 12 and 24 volt electrical systems found on boats and vehicles like cars, trucks, ATVs and military vehicles. We really have figured how to project LED light power to distances that surpass halogen and HID while securing the light from harsh marine elements," said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics' "In addition, we are working to create more power from smaller, lighter form factors while preserving the industrial rugged nature of the LED light. The LEDPB10W-80x2E exemplifies a powerful, compact LED light that can deliver a long range light beam or an even, bright flood beam." Larson Electronics' carries a wide array of LED lights, LED floodlights, LED work lights and explosion proof LED paint booth lights. View Magnalights' full line of lighting equipment by visiting Magnalight can be contacted by calling 1-800-369-6671 or 1-214-616-6180 for international inquiries.


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