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LC Ceramic Media

Press release date: July 3, 2014

LC Ceramic Media

Many of you are aware of our LC media and the benefits it has provided in wear and finish versus the competition. We have now certified the LC media to perform better and provide our customers with a great smooth finish, while still giving you great wear and metal removal. The LC was introduced years ago to complement our "M" media. After months of testing and evaluating we are excited to RE-introduce the LC media for many applications. The LC media now will give you a great finish, similar almost to a pre-plate with Ra readings as low as 10 um, while still removing metal close to that of a general purpose media. This great new "hybrid" design was formulated to show exceptional wear with great metal removal for deburring. The LC will show proven results in media wear, for that customer not happy with general purpose media attrition, while giving a finish almost unheard of in a ceramic media. Please contact your Vibrafinish Sales associate for more details.


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