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Industrial Waste Water Services - Clarkesville, GA

Original Press Release

Laundry System Earns Excellence in Wastewater Pretreatment from Municipality

Press release date: May 6, 2014

The Customer

An industrial laundering facility in Kingsport, TN which launders uniforms, shop towels and floor mats as well as other items.

The Application

Industrial Laundry Wastewater. Waste stream is heavily loaded with high solids which include heavy metals, oil and grease.

IWWS Challenge

The plant, working with limited space and a restrictive budget turned to IWWS for assistance in reducing surcharges and eliminating fines.


IWWS designed and built a wastewater treatment facility which fit the customer's space requirements and their budget. The system included:

• Physical/Chemical Treatment System
• Equalization
• Surge Suppression
• Chemical Mixing and Feed
• Sludge Handling and Disposal

The IWWS System treats 288,000 gallons per day in a fit the customer's space requirements footprint of only 207 square feet. With a height of only 9.5 ft., thetotal size of the system is smaller than the EQ tanks used by some competitors.


With IWWS's advanced chemistry, sludge production is greatly reduced allowing dewatering with a small 4.75 cubic foot recessed chamber filter press. This press is significantly smaller than those used by competitors.

Award Winner

The City of Kingsport recently awarded the customer a Certificate of Excellence in Wastewater Pretreatment for their commitment to treatment and their superb results.

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