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Larson Electronics Magnalight Begins Production of Covert Infrared Headlight Covers for the Military HUMVEE

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Larson Electronics Magnalight Begins Production of Covert Infrared Headlight Covers for the Military HUMVEE

Press release date: October 2, 2007

10/2/2007 Kemp, Texas - Larson Electronics LLC( began production on its HLC-IR covert infrared headlight lens covers for the military HMMWV Hummers. The lens is designed and tested to eliminate any visible light produced by the headlights of the military HUMMER. The HLC-IR have been extensively tested in the field for fit and ease of installation. The covers include a 850 nm cut off borosilicate lens with coatings on both sides, that effectively blocks the transmission of all visible light. Using night vision apparatus, soldiers can effectively navigate, identify targets and detect and avoid IEDS, without producing visible light that the enemy can detect. The headlight lens covers are made off air craft aluminum which is anodized and powder coated. The infrared lens is sandwiched between 2 pieces of clear polycarbonate and separated with 2 high temperature silicone gaskets. The lens stack is secured with a large snap ring, for easy field servicing. The entire headlight cover assembly is secured using the existing headlight assembly hardware access holes. Specialty harware replaces the existing hardware, allowing for the 2 threaded holes in the headlight assembly. Slotted holes on the cover make alignment and installation quick and easy. Larson Electronics Magnalight expects to bundle these covert infrared headlight covers with it 35 watt high intensity discharge (HID) headlight upgrade kit for the military HumVees. The kit consisting of a retro-fit bracket, lamp assembly and connector conversions will replace the existing 65 watt halogen Wagner bulbs with a solution that will create a light pattern that will project nearly 8 times the distance of the existing headlights. The covert infrared headlight cover and associated HID upgrade kit parts are made and assembled in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Additional specifications are available at Larson Electronics LLC manufactures the Magnalight series of handheld, magnetic base spotlights used in military, safety and industrial applications around the world. Manufactured in the USA, the Magnalight HML-5M and HLM-5M are part of the standard Escalation of Force kit issues to the Special Forces in Iraq. More information on vehicle mount and handheld lighting products, infrared lens and custom mounting solutions can be found at


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